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Something that is used can be a reflection of us. No exception to the motorbike driven. For example, many people who like classic and retro choose to ride the Vespa Sprint . Apart from the choice of the motorbike, the appearance can also reflect the rider. If the motorbike is poorly maintained, the owner may also be mistaken for being lazy to do maintenance.

Therefore, in order not to be considered dirty by others, the Vespa Sprint must be kept clean from its appearance. Don't just be clean, but also try to keep the body shiny. There are several habits you can do to keep the Vespa Sprint's body as shiny as new.

1. Routine Washing Motor

Washing a motorbike is an obligation for every motorbike owner if he wants his motorbike to be kept clean and well-maintained. Don't make this a burden. The Vespa Sprint needs to be washed frequently, especially during the rainy season. If you're tired or lazy to wash it, there's nothing wrong with taking it to a motorbike washer. Usually, the rates charged for the Vespa Sprint range from IDR 20,000 to IDR 50,000.

2. Do not Use Detergent

With the same function as soap or shampoo, many think that washing a motorbike using detergent will not be a problem. Actually you can use detergent, but not for the body. Washing the Vespa Sprint body using detergent will make the body dull quickly. Use detergent for engine parts only. Better to use a special car shampoo, because the body is both made of metal.

3. Clean The Motor In Detail

Many Vespa Sprint owners are careless when washing their motorbikes. Clean the body and parts that are visible or easy to reach. In fact, other parts such as the engine area and under the motorbike also need to be cleaned regularly. For the machine area, you can use an old toothbrush or brush so that you can reach a narrow area or corner. There is nothing wrong with using a little gasoline to get rid of stubborn oil stains.

4. Avoid Exposure to Rain Water

As much as possible, keep the Vespa Sprint body from getting wet. If it is unavoidable, such as during the rainy season, be diligent in washing it. The content of rainwater is corrosive. Not only does the Vespa Sprint look dull, but it also has the potential to cause corrosion or rust. In addition, also avoid wiping the Vespa Sprint's body when it's still wet due to rain. We recommend that you first rinse with clean water, then wipe it until it is completely dry. Because, maybe there is still dust stuck to it due to rainwater. If you are in a hurry to wipe, it has the potential to scuff the Vespa Sprint's body.

5. Polishing Routinely

Don't just wash it, to make the Vespa Sprint body always shiny you also need to be polished regularly. Use wax to make it shiny and look wet or wet look.

6. Find a shady parking location

When parking the Vespa Sprint, preferably in the shade. Better yet, under the roof. Do not get used to parking your motorbike in an open space and exposing the motorbike to direct sunlight and rain. If forced, give a cover like a motorcycle cover.


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