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3 Tips to Help You and Your Guests Improve Your Vacation Rental Business!

There's no better time than now to start thinking about ways to improve your start vacation rental business company

The best way to increase revenue in the VRM industry is to keep improving the guest experience. Positive reviews for the listing, word of mouth referrals, repeat (and direct booking) guests, and improved guest experience can all have a positive impact on your visibility on OTA search as well as your own website SEO. With all of these advantages and few drawbacks, it makes sense to start the new year by focusing on the guest experience.

Here are three simple ways to improve your VRM business by enhancing the guest experience. (Are you looking for ways to persuade visitors to #bookdirect? Take a look at this.)

Make Guests Feel (Even) More At Home

Who doesn't enjoy finding a piece of chocolate on their pillow? You may not like chocolate as a guest, but as with so many things, it's the thought that counts. While there may not be chocolates on your property's pillows, there are similar, thoughtful acts that demonstrate the property's thoughtfulness to guests. It's time to bring back this time-honored tradition and apply it to your vacation rentals.

Guests are looking for signs that their hosts (or property managers) are making an effort to make them feel welcome these days.

Making your guests feel appreciated is a surefire way to boost your VRM revenue. Begin with the basics: include a welcome message with your guests' check-in information, and consider making recommendations for nearby eateries or points of interest.

Consider how you can add that extra sweet touch to your guests' arrival inside the property. Perhaps a beautiful bouquet of flowers? What about a bottle of local wine? Even a brief, handwritten note can make a big difference!

Embark on a journey with smart-home technology.

Do you know a good way to keep all that useful information in one place, when it comes to guest welcome books? What a clever device! Smart Home technology is a great way to improve your vacation rental business by making your properties feel more modern. Keyless entry and in-home tablets with property information, maps of the area with nearby amenities highlighted, or an app with discounts to local eateries and shops make guests feel taken care of.

In-home tablets, for example, allow you to collect useful data about your guests for later marketing retargeting efforts, such as collecting their email address and asking for a review. You can use this information to enhance your website and build an email nurture list.

Maintain a flexible booking calendar.

Keeping your booking calendar flexible and your check-in and check-out policies as flexible as possible is a key way to improve your vacation rental management business.

Let's start with cancellation policies that are flexible. In today's uncertain world, guests expect hospitality providers to understand that travel plans aren't always as straightforward as they once were. To maintain a high occupancy rate, you must find ways to encourage last-minute bookings as often as possible.

As a result, there are minimum stay requirements. Minimum stays were once thought to be a good way to keep occupancy rates high and make more money in the vacation rental industry.

Minimum stay requirements, on the other hand, have been shown to turn off potential guests and even harm your OTA partner sites' rankings in recent years one way to optimize your listings and keep your occupancy rate high, even for last-minute bookings, is to use dynamic pricing tools instead of minimum stay requirements.

These tools adjust prices based on the booking window, the market landscape as a whole, and other factors that may influence a guest's decision to book.

If you need assistance with dynamic pricing and revenue management, Rented can assist you. Their team of professionals can advise you on when and how to adjust prices and minimum stay requirements to encourage last-minute bookings. And the Automated Rates Tool, or Art, makes it as simple as possible to make those changes.




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