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Certain home service companies use door hangers as a method in introducing themselves to new communities, promoting new offerings, or to promote special offers and discounts. However, with all the other printed ads, digital advertisements and direct mailers competing to grab your customers' attention, are door hangers really useful?

We've found a few of the more common pros and cons of advertising on personalised door hangers and also costs as well as legal issues that will assist you in determining whether it is worth adding it to your business's marketing plan.

What Are The Positives And Negatives Of Hanger Advertising?


It's a penny to print door hangers, if you buy the hangers in bulk. They are also less expensive than direct mail or postcards as you can save on postage and envelopes.

Door hangers are tough to overlook because everyone who walks into the home has to open the door.

There are no limits on the size of an envelope like there are when selecting an envelope to use to mail direct mailers.

There's a possibility of multiple exposures. A number of people are likely to come across the door hanger, whether it's people passing by a home or visiting family members and friends.

Door hangers are an excellent marketing method to reach an audience that is local that includes residents in your area.

Door hangers are special because they're delivered personally to show potential customers that you are interested in them.


Door hangers are ideal for local marketing, however they're not able to penetrate a wider market since distribution becomes more costly and time-consuming.

Door hangers can harm your reputation as a brand. Many homeowners view door hangers as invading and polluting or even junk and decide to remove them entirely.

It can be difficult to track ROI and especially when you need to hang each hanger by hand , or employ a third party to handle it for you.

There are a myriad of door hangers and marketing tools (e.g. flyers, posters and postcards) that are competing for your clients' attention, which makes it hard for your hangings to be noticed and be noticed.

Which Companies Use Door Hanger Marketing?

Door hangers for business are great for almost any business that provides home services including landscaping, lawn care, HVAC, house cleaning plumbing, tree care and more.

Door hanger advertisements are particularly efficient for services that occur frequently (lawn cutting) or seasonally (HVAC) as it is possible to schedule their delivery to coincide with the time when your client is most likely to require your services.

They're less efficient for one-off projects for one-off projects, like demolition of a pool. The primary thing is to conduct a thorough demographic analysis. Do not give high-end hangings for cleaning to students in a neighbourhood, for instance.

Do You Know If A The Door Hanger Advertising Legal?

Certain customers view the use of commercial door hangers to be intrusive and even illegal, however simply placing them on the door of a potential customer and not engaging with them is referred to as canvassing.

Canvassing is typically legal as you're not directly selling a particular item or offering a service (solicitation). But you must always consult the local city office to ensure that you're not in violation of any laws.

Best Practises To Begin With Door Hanger Marketing

Four Door-Hanger Marketing Suggestions To Help You Start On Your First Advertising Campaign

Start with the smallest area in the area you live in so you can handle the hangers yourself and reduce costs and determine whether there's a profit. Based on the results, you can decide if you want to spend more money or you need to hire someone else to canvas for you, to reach a larger market.

Select The Ideal Potential Audience For Your Door-Hanger Marketing Campaign.

A successful marketing campaign depends on the delivery of mailers to clients who will be more inclined to buy your products. You must conduct an analysis of the demographics of your ideal client by taking into consideration factors like income as well as gender, age and even purchasing habits.

If you've already got a client list, break it up by postal codes. Then examine the cost average of each postal code. This will allow you to determine the neighbourhoods that are connected to which price points, and then deliver your door hangers according to.

Be sure that your content is clear and simple to comprehend. Use only one, simple call to action and concentrate on one service or offer at a given time.

Be sure that the design of your door card holder will be professional. Avoid overcrowding the space with confusion-inducing images, clashing colours or various fonts. Keep your ads neat as well as consistent with the brand.

Then, Do You Need To Consider Advertising On Your Door With A Door Hanger?

Door hanger marketing is very well-known, but the choice of whether to use it and not use it can be a personal decision. You must consider both the advantages and disadvantages and figure out exactly how much an advertising campaign will cost.

We can't take the decision on your behalf, we do recommend that you organise your marketing so that you are able to track your results and earn a profit on the time and money you invest.

Door Hangers: A Marketing Prospect For Your Business

Marketing your business must be handled professionally. It's essential to ensure that the message you send out is conveyed from being distorted by a stunning marketing plan. One of the most effective methods to achieve this is to use the door hanger.

Using a door hanger as part of your marketing strategy can be exceptionally effective. By placing your product details at every door you approach, there's no need for a direct pitch. Imagine the same concept applied to a restaurant bill holder. Just like when someone discovers your well-designed door hanger and becomes interested in what you're offering, a creatively designed restaurant bill holder can also catch a patron's attention, prompting them to reach out to you for more information.

How to plan a successful Door-hanger Campaign in 5 Simple Steps

Okay, let's jump into the process of planning a successful door Hanger Campaign!

Step 1: Determine What You Want To Achieve.

Consider what you would like to achieve with your door-hanger advertising campaign. Do you wish to achieve at least 3percent response rate? Perhaps your aim is to achieve 100 sales. No matter what your goal(s) make sure to make sure these are at the top of your door-hanger campaign plan.

Step 2: Determine The Client's Areas Of Pain.

Be aware of your customer's requirements and the major issues and the ways your product or service can aid them.

Step 3: Design An Offer With A Special Deal And Include An Action Call.

Give potential customers an incentive to be excited about your next visit, or provide them with a reason to contact you right away! Offer discounts, freebies or an upgrade to your service or product. Be sure to include a compelling call to action that will encourage receipt holder customers to sign up.

Step 4: Create A Compelling Tale.

Create a compelling story using “power word phrases” (link the word cloud, or put it here) to convince the prospective customer that they require the product you're selling to resolve any of the biggest issues.

Step 5: Select Images And Graphics Carefully.

Be sure that the images and graphics are in sync with your receipt folder story. Making use of images that help tell the story and create an image that sticks for the viewer is essential. The greatest part is that you don't need an education in graphic design to do this!


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