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When the major nations like Konoha and Kirigakure came together to form a shinobi alliance forgetting past issues and grudges to fight off enemies like the Kaguya, Madara, and the Akatsuki, it seemed like a new era of prosperity and peace for the world has finally come. But nothing can be further from the truth. After the end of the Fourth Great Shinobi World War, although the major nations did have reasons to rejoice and celebrate but devastated by the war, the smaller nations never got back to their feet.

Episode 160,” The Land of the Silence”, completely exposes the unscrupulous and unprofessional nature of the Ninja alliance. The smaller nations were never able to rebuild themselves after being destroyed in the war. Their abandonment by an alliance led to the rise of criminals who started using smaller nations as a base for all of their shady businesses.

The alliance’s failure to help and protect smaller nations has worked in the favor of Kara. With Naruto and Konoha trying to obtain information from various sources in the terrorists seems reactive. If they had cared for the alliance before, the scenario would have been much different and it would probably have been hard for their adversaries to find safe spots to plan and commit crimes. Since Hashirama Cells are being traded out there, there is a major risk of strengthening shinobi in pursuit of some evil plan.

In the episode, “The Man Who Disappeared”, Victor tells Boruto the consequences of the Great War on the infrastructure and health facilities of the smaller nations, where he also explains how the warriors from these nations never got the recognition or the compensation for the damages they suffered in the war. Boruto also finds out that not only did the alliance fail but also his father, Naruto Uzumaki did not show any compassion and concern for the smaller nations which they desperately needed. The failure of both the alliance and Naruto has such long-term consequences that they are only now showing its true magnitude.

Boruto’s Team 7 along with Konohamaru and Mugino go to the Land of Valleys from where they trek to the Land of Silence to investigate the black markets there. The DNA of the First Hokage, Hashirama Senju is being sold there which is terrible news since it would help create shinobi as strong as him which will be terrible news for the major nations, which are so self-absorbed in themselves that they have failed even to protect the interests of their people.

What is even more shocking is when Team 7’s Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki arrive there they are left stupefied by the presence of so many criminals who are casually roaming around freely. Mugino and Konohamaru can even pinpoint many of the wanted ninjas. This seems very strange as the ninja alliance has not even tried going to these places to weed out the criminals. All of this just reflects the lack of intent which is now going to cause serious repercussions.

Even though the location of this black market is known to them but there seems to be no concern to stop the black market from functioning and the hotspot is given a free run without any intervention for the alliance. Even when the medical ninja Kirisaski is caught, we once again witness the casual approach that has led to this situation. Since the rogue knows about people who are looking to buy Hashirama’s DNA, Konohamaru still proposes to let him off the hook if he gives the info about people involved in the DNA trade. This shows how clueless the ninja alliance is. It is criminal to let the medical ninja go scot-free even though he agrees honestly to tell the names. The right thing to do would be to take him to Konoha so that there can be a further investigation by Sasuke. 

It appears that the alliance does not take the threat seriously enough and for them, the ninjas are not worthy of investigation. But to believe that those ninjas pose no existential threat will be a huge mistake as there is such a thing as an inconsequential ninja. Even Mugino agrees that the people dealing in the black market are deadly, so it’s just stupid of the alliance to let these groups grow unchecked. 

It is only because of this unrestrained growth of criminal hotspots that lets Kara and Akatsuki take advantage. It is disappointing to see past mistakes being repeated once again. Such a laid-back attitude can have significant consequences. What is even scarier is the fact that the headbands of Team 7 are also being sold in the marke,t meaning the criminals are even infiltrating nations undercover. The arrogance of alliance to let the black markets operate the way they are operating is going to come at a great cost since there are weapons there that are capable of mass destruction. If there is further delay in action from them, they are bound to be caught off guard. Now only time will tell if the alliance is going to learn from its past mistakes and take the right action in such matters of great significance.

Source : Boruto: Unscrupulous and Unprofessional Ninja Alliance Exposed!


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