Bower Hill Bourbon Range- Try or Buy?

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Bower Hill is a mysterious American whisky brand that joined the UK market around a year ago, named after the famous ‘Battle of Bower Hill' during the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794. These whiskies were priced in the ‘premium whiskey' price range of £62.63 to £167.52. The only other information on these bottles is that they are all straight expressions, with only the barrel strength and reserve barrel bourbon declaring their origin as Louisville, KY.

Today, they are looking at all four Bower Hill expressions to determine if they're worth seeking out for bourbon fans or merely cheaply obtained whiskey that's marketed and sold with a high price in mind rather than quality.

  • Bower Hill Barrel Reserve
    Despite not being a particularly complicated pour, this bourbon has a very lovely viscosity on the mouth. This has an excellent substantial spiciness on the palate from what everyone can only imagine is a large percentage of rye in the mash bill. Unfortunately, when this bottle's bower hill bourbon price is weighed against all of this, some of us believe there are considerably superior bottles available for significantly less money. This whiskey isn't spectacular, but it's more pricey than Blanton's single barrel, which is far superior in the majority opinion.
  • Bower Hill Single Barrel
    This bourbon is a step up from the Barrel Reserve, and it drinks pretty hotly for a bourbon that only has proof of 94. Many of us like it as a drink, and it has some wonderful bourbon flavor, but the price point is a deal-breaker for many of us once again. A bottle of whiskey will set you back £92.20/€102.93/$118.65 in the United Kingdom, which is a lot of money for a bourbon that tastes like it should cost no more than half that.

  • Bower Hill Reserve Rye
    This was a unique rye whiskey. The astringent pickle juice notes vanish, leaving you with a flavorful aroma and tongue of caramel and mild rye. Even though many of us are huge fans of MGPI rye whiskies, but would not buy a bottle of this whiskey and would not buy a bottle of this whiskey. No one won't even mention this bower hill bourbon price because let's face it, it's outrageous.
  • Bower Hill Barrel Proof
    This was one of the favorites of the Bower Hill series. A deliciously appealing aroma drew me in, but a little bitter flavor sent me away. Despite a promising start on the palate, spice and bitter charred oak quickly took control, resulting in a finish that included a surge of spice followed by more savory notes as the heat dissipated. This pour has less spice and more caramel peanuts on the palate with a drop of water, but the bitter flavors remain. Everyone was going to avoid mentioning this bower hill bourbon price, but it's so high that no one couldn't help themselves. This will cost you back £171.71 ($215/€187) for a bottle.

    In the United Kingdom, the Bower Hill Bourbon are priced between £62.63 and £167.52 ($80/€70 and $215/€187). The flavors are sparse and slightly disagreeable depending on the expression, and this is before they even consider the price.


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