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Bra Size Calculator India: How to use the Zivame Fitcode to determine your bra size

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The majority of women have trouble selecting a bra that fits properly. Finding the correct bra size is essential since wearing a poorly fitted bra can lead to several issues. An uncomfortable and unsightly appearance of your body shape can result from a poorly fitting bra. In addition, it may result in poor posture and back pain.
Knowing your size is essential before purchasing any type of bra. You're most likely wearing the incorrect size bra if you don't think the ones you currently own are comfortable.

Bra Size Calculator India

Choosing the incorrect bra size can cause agony and discomfort. In addition to making our breasts appear unnatural, ill-fitting bras can detract from the appearance of our clothes. Breathing may become difficult if a bra is overly tight since it squeezes the breasts together. Overly loose bras may not be able to keep the breasts in place, which can cause bouncing and drooping. In addition to causing back, neck, and shoulder pain, improper posture, deep grooves on the shoulders, nerve damage, and other health issues, ill-fitting bras can also cause several other issues. Therefore, to maintain our comfort level, we must determine our ideal bra size.
Step 1: Determine your underbust band size.
Tightly wrap the tape beneath your bust. Tighten it up to the degree that your band fits comfortably.
Take note of the centimeters.
Do you have a decimal? To round to the nearest whole number, 84.5 cm would be 85 cm.

Step 2: Determine your overbust cup size.
The tape should be wrapped around your bust's largest area.
Take note of the centimetres.
Do you have a decimal? To round to the nearest whole number, 84.5 cm would be 85 cm.
Step 3: Determine your size bra
Easily determine your size by entering your measurements into the Zivame Bra Size Calculator.
How to Determine Your Bra Size
The procedures listed below can be used to determine our bust and cup sizes:
How to measure band size
Measuring our band size, also known as underbust size, is the first step toward determining our ideal bra size. This measurement is taken immediately below the bust, around the ribcage. We'll need a mirror and a delicate measuring tape to measure this. A few things to remember
1. Put on a bra without padding or none at all.
2. Take a straight stance and measure the area immediately below the bust around your rib cage.
3. Note the length in either centimeters or inches.
We can find our size using the Zivame Fitcode with the assistance of the bra size calculator in centimetres. Our band size is based on the measurement taken under our bust. Remember that different brands and designs have varying bra sizes, so it's always a good idea to try on a few different sizes to discover which one feels the most comfortable. It's critical to know our breast size in order to guarantee the proper fit, comfort, and support.
How to measure breast size:
Make sure the measuring tape is level with your nipples and wrap it around the widest region of your bust. Note the inch equivalent of this measurement.
How to measure cup size
To determine our entire bra size, we must measure our cup size after knowing our band and bust sizes. To do this, take our band size and deduct it from our bust size. For instance, there is a 2 inch difference if our band size is 34 inches and our bust measurement is 36 inches. Using the chart below, the difference in inches translates to our cup size.
  • 0-1 inch: AA cup
  • 1-2 inches: A cup
  • 2-3 inches: B cup
  • 3-4 inches: C cup
  • 4-5 inches: D cup
  • 5-6 inches: DD or E cup
  • 6-7 inches: DDD or F cup
  • 7-8 inches: G cup
  • 8-9 inches: H cup
To help us determine our bra size more precisely, Zivame additionally provides a Fitcode Tool bra size calculator. To obtain our size and a list of suggested bras, all we need to do is enter our band and bust dimensions into the calculator.
To provide precise measurements, the Fitcode considers variables including the type and form of breasts, the kind of bra, and the fabric of the bra. To precisely determine the cup size, it also offers a bra cup size calculator.


Fitcode, the user-friendly bra size calculator from Zivame, is designed specifically for Indian body types and can be used from home. For ladies who desire generous support when donning a bra, it is a necessary accessory. Fitcode is a well-liked resource for ladies who wish to know their bra size without the trouble of going to a store or asking an expert for help because of its precise and dependable bra size calculator.


Use Zivame Fitcode to find your bra size without the need for a measuring tape.
1. You can find your bra size and the type that best fits your body with the aid of Zivame Fitcode.
2. There are differences in bra sizes across brands. Fitcode can tell you the brand and size of your bra.
3. To determine your bra size, you can do it without a measuring tape. All you need to know is the brand of your bra and its current size.
4. To determine the ideal padding, wiring, and coverage for your breasts, we consider the contour of your breasts.


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