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It feels like we are constantly reworking and redefining what it means to be feminine in this modern age. Women have pushed through many boundaries throughout history, including their right to vote, work in predominantly male industries, and choose the clothing they wanted to wear. So, why is it that bra styles and sizes have been stuck in the past for so long? As modern women, we don’t have time for any of the age-old issues that come with traditional bras. No, we need bras that work for our lifestyle and help us embrace all parts of our femininity.

Modern Silhouettes That Work for Your Body, Not Against It

How many times have you tried on a bra that felt bulky, uncomfortable, and like it was designed by someone who has never even worn a bra before? For many, the answer is too many times. Fortunately, luxe, modern bra silhouettes that feature sensual, pared-down designs allow you to embrace your sensuality and help you feel good about the way you look. No one should be rushing to get dressed in the morning because their intimates don’t make them feel comfortable in their own skin. Embrace your beautiful body with bra silhouettes that support you, whether it’s a plunging bra, a classic balconette bra, or an everyday T-shirt bra.

No More Compromising on Materials: We Demand Quality

Come on—it’s the twenty-first century; it’s time to stop compromising on bra quality for looks. We’re just not into it anymore. Luckily, some of the best modern bra brands don’t make you compromise on either of those two things. With soft, premium fabrics ranging from sheer power mesh to 3D spacer fabric, modern bra design is all about providing you with your desired coverage level and support.

Look for bras that offer a flexible underwire that moves with your body to give you the support you need without ever having to take another wire to the rib. Feeling comfortable while wearing your intimates is non-negotiable at this point. You and your body deserve to let your femininity shine through quality bras that accentuate your natural form.

Inclusive Sizing for the Modern Woman

Modern femininity is about embracing your beautiful body just the way it is. You should never feel like you have to change anything about yourself or your body to be a strong, confident, and empowered woman. That’s why it’s about time we threw out the old bra sizing system and adopted a new one that creates bras that fit our bodies—not the other way around. Size-inclusive intimate brands like CUUP offer online bra sizing to help you find your perfect fit, from 30A to 32F up to 40H. It’s empowering to wear intimates that fit your body well. When you can lounge around in your intimates all day and not even notice them because they fit so perfectly, that’s when you know you’ve struck gold with feminine comfort.

About CUUP

CUUP offers a collection of minimal and modern bras and underwear made without excess materials. Their iconically unlined bras are constructed with the same style and support across all 53 sizes, from A to H. The natural shaping of each of CUUP’s four bra silhouettes accentuates the female form. CUUP bras feature a thin, flexible underwire, premium hardware, and a variety of performance-based materials. Their five underwear silhouettes, including high waist underwear, feature smooth modal or performance mesh for a comfortable, flattering fit. Browse CUUP’s collection of swim tops and bottoms to complete your summer essentials.

Shop for bras that help you embrace your modern femininity at https://shopcuup.com/

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