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The fashion studded world is full of glamour and class these days. Everyone inspired by some movie star or any social media influencer wants to look like the most gorgeous person everywhere all the time. And for that, they try to keep up with all the latest trends. Be it clothes, watches, shoes, or any other accessory, is going to get sold as long as it is in trend.

Thankless Thinking

It can never be enough for people who like to shop in malls. Having countless pairs of heels and many clothes will become obsolete when a new trend kicks in. Like Boutiques in Alexandria VA to make use of this psychology to make money.

Game Plan

It is like taking the drug first and then spreading the illness to sell the cure to earn. These brands that we see are all about adding value and playing with the minds of the customers nothing else. First, they make a product which is good. Then they market it that is promoting it. it becomes better. And then they add value to it to set a price higher than the normal to earn abnormal profits.

This is called product-orientation. A product-oriented approach taken by the biggest brands comes with the biggest risks. Obviously, as there is always a trade-off between risk and return. The rule is simple. The more the riskier, the more the return providing!

Take a small example of a large multinational brand that sells sportswear and accessories. What would cause these giants to run billions of dollars in contracts to celebrities? The reason is simple. In today’s world, we call in reach or following. The more the person is followed by on social media or otherwise, the more people can he or she reach out to. Social media is a giant in promotion activities. Football stars, movie stars, singers, etc., are all there to help companies promote them.

Simple Science

These living brands with millions of followers and billions of views become tools through which they sell. Take it for the moment, the brand comes up with a football shoe. Okay! It makes you run faster, feel lighter with its light-weighted material and aerodynamic shape, etc. got it. But the cost, even if we add the R&D they did to form it will not go so high at which price they sell it at. How do people even pay that much for just a shoe? This drug is sold by first spreading the disease, the fashion trend. The company hires a football player and sets a contract. Make a couple of adverts and endorsements with him and he wears the shoe in a match. It will become the talk of the town only because one man is so impactful. People will sell their cars for the shoe!

And when supply is cut down, the demand will pull the price even higher. And lastly, when the very pair of shoes that he wore and plays and scored goals with will be out at some auction. It will be sold for gold. These Alexandria VA boutiques and other shops around the world on high-end streets play with people’s behavior as they master it by testing and applying.


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