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Ladies! Are you tired of your bra problems? Take heart! At Zivame, we offer all the solutions to your bra problems! You may locate the highest quality bras with the Zivame bra collections. We know how important bras are for women, so we help you choose ladies' bras suited for the perfect amount of breast support, comfort, style, size, form, fashion, and cost. We provide excellent lingerie demands like low coverage bras, bralettes, bras and panties, tube bras, strapless bras, bridal specials, and other dapper choices in addition to the best for women from all the brands on our website. You may improve the overall appearance of any collection with the help of our selection of high-quality bras.

Categories of Women's Bras on Zivame
Women's bras are offered in a broad variety of colours, sizes, and styles by Zivame. Our women's collection is made with the best materials for maximum comfort. Here are the various styles of Zivame bras that are offered on our website for those who want to purchase bras online and may be paired with any outfit:

T-shirt bras: These are among the most often used bras for women. Every woman's wardrobe should have one of these bras. These bras are perfect for donning underneath form-fitting apparel. A wide range of padded t-shirt bras from Zivame can shape and emphasize your form. Choose from wired and non-wired versions in a wide range of gorgeous colors, designs, materials, and coverage choices! To feel even more comfortable throughout the day, choose a non-padded bra in a t-shirt design.
Cami bras: Camisole bras, commonly referred to as cami bras, are a little bit longer than standard bras. They typically use a fabric that conceals or covers the cleavage area to give you the most coverage possible.
Sports bras: These designs are among the nicest bras a woman can own and should have in her closet. Sports bras are not only excellent for exercising; they also go well with a variety of clothes. They are one of the most comfortable designs available and are made to provide greater flexibility and protection. High-quality fabrics were used in the design of the bra straps on our sports bras, providing additional support and comfort. Teenage bras, racerbacks, closure styles, compression styles, and padded designs are all part of our selection. Zivame's premium training bras are ideal for pairing with all styles of clothing and come in a variety of colours, fabrics, and designs. Online bra shopping has never been simpler. Choose your ideal sports fit right away by visiting the Zivame website!
Maternity bras: Maternity bras also referred to as nursing bras, are created specifically for women who are nursing or pregnant. There is no pain or pressure on the breasts when wearing a maternity bra. The bra straps are also quite plush and cozy. To let the baby quickly and safely reach the mother's breast, they are also available with or without hooks. Women can choose from a variety of styles and patterns in Zivame's extensive selection of maternity bras.
Support bras: Women with large or heavy breasts should use these bras. Women with larger breasts can benefit from their complete coverage and protection. The large cups on these bras totally enclose the breasts and keep them firmly in place. For increased comfort, wired and padded versions of these bras are offered on Zivame.
Push-up bras: When it comes to style and fashion, push-up bras for women are a popular choice. They are perfect for low-neck tops and dresses to give your bust a well-contoured appearance. Women may now easily style all of their outfits with our selection of chic push-up bras. For any event and dress, Zivame offers fashionable push-up bras in a variety of designs, prints, and shapes. Zivame is therefore your finest option if you're looking for the ideal bra for ladies to give you the ideal lift!
Bras without straps: Bras without straps are an excellent choice for sleeveless shirts and tube dresses. These bras, which were created to achieve the ideal invisible look, support your bust just like ordinary bras but without straps. These bras, which come in wired, full coverage, and padded varieties, properly contour and shape the bust. We provide lace, underwired, t-shirt, and padded strapless bras in our selection.
Minimiser bras: Minimisers are made for women who want to appear slimmer yet have heavy or huge breasts. One of the top bras on Zivame, minimizer bras are excellent for everyday wear. Our minimizer bras are offered in a variety of sizes, vivid prints, and wired, non-wired, full-coverage, and double-layered designs.
Bralettes: Bralettes are the most slack and comfy form of bra one can choose to wear as crop tops or even just to lay around the home in. They come in chic designs with fine details for a contemporary and chic appearance. For the finest effect, bralettes can be layered beneath deep-neck tops, worn with blazers or even worn as crop tops with pants, skirts or jeans. At Zivame, we have a terrific selection of stylish bralettes, including lace bralettes and casual bralettes, to match with various outfits. Choose a bralette from Zivame if you're seeking for a bra for women with the ideal fashionable element!
How do I pick a bra design?
Choose a bra that exactly fits you. Neither too tight nor too loose is acceptable. Your choice of bra style will depend on the clothes you wear. Sports bras are a terrific alternative for exercise and physical activity, while t-shirt and cami bras are suitable for everyday wear. Support bras are a great option for women who have large or heavy breasts. For the greatest appearance, bralettes can be worn as crop tops or beneath jackets.
Which sports bra style is ideal?
Sports bras come in a variety of styles for the utmost comfort and security. Depending on your training and physical activity, you can pick among high-impact, medium-impact, and low-impact workout bras. Compression sports bras, encapsulation sports bras, crisscross back, pullover, racerback, and back clasp options are among the several types of sports bras that are offered. The best sports bra for you may depend on how active and comfortable you are.
Is a sports bra preferable than a standard bra?
This is a matter of preference. While some women find ordinary bras more comfortable, others choose to wear sports bras on a daily basis. It's important to think about comfort, support, and shape while selecting a women's bra. Both types of bras are created to support your breasts, but sports bras are designed to grip motion and limit movement when you exercise.
How often should I buy new bras?
In general, bras should be updated every 6 to 12 months or when they are no longer comfortable or supportive enough. The lifespan can be impacted by elements like quality, wear frequency, and maintenance.
How should bras be cared for?
1. Use the gentle cycle and lingerie bag in the washing machine, or wash by hand.
2. Avoid fabric softeners that can compromise flexibility and use mild detergent instead.
3. Always secure the hooks to avoid tangling or snagging.
4. To keep their shape, hang or air-dry bras flat.
5. Bras should never be twisted or wrung out.
6. Rotate them to reduce wear and give them a break in between uses.
7. Make sure they are not folded or squashed as you store them in a drawer or organiser.
8. Limit your stretching.


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