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In simple terms, custom medical coding solutions are used to transform the set of codes which consists of data including the patient's condition, diagnosis of the doctor, prescription, and procedures that healthcare providers perform. It is then transformed into a set of codes using ICD-10. These codes are mostly in alphanumeric forms which consist of all clinical data and each of these data is assigned with a different alphanumeric set of codes.

What is medical coding

As explained earlier, the medical coding system is used by medical professionals to provide support to the insurer, and the medical establishments involved in the process of approving claims and providing services. In simpler terms, medical coding refers to the format and structure of a set of medical codes used in healthcare delivery. It helps in maintaining the standard of care and also helps in recovering payment for procedures or services provided. Medical coding vs HIE HIE is an acronym which stands for Healthcare Incentive Payment System. As the name suggests, it is a set of different providers working under one umbrella which is responsible for the creation and implementation of the appropriate data within the HIE platform.

Why do we need medical coding

Medical coding is generally used to improve the quality of healthcare services offered by medical institutions. It helps to improve the quality and lower the cost of the services. It is also used by medical institutions to improve the accuracy of the data and avoid fraudulence. The codes are also used to reimburse the healthcare providers and the patients. Types of medical coding solutions There are three types of medical coding solutions that are widely used. They are hospital systems, electronic health records (EHRs), and claims management solutions. Hospital systems are the most common type of solutions and they are used by medical institutions for data conversion. They help to provide different healthcare services to the patients.

How does a custom medical coding system work

On the basis of a specific profession or area of expertise, a medical coding system is made. It starts with specific input required from the doctor along with the clinical data, which is later coded into a set of codes. On the basis of requirements, codes are assigned which get converted into alphanumeric form and used as a parameter to validate the final output. It is common to find different factors in such coding systems including national minimum codes for the health sector, recommended ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes used by the healthcare providers and hospitals for billing. Also, code sets developed by individual hospitals and private healthcare providers, and hospital operations codes for hospital management and quality.

The future of medical coding

The new ‘new coding' is rapidly becoming the need of the hour and most of the providers are already making use of the new technology. One example is the Excel/Word Program at the Department of Health and Human Services, where around 400,000 Medicare claims are reviewed by 70 people to ensure accuracy. Although this process can take several months to complete, the good thing is that the team is open to corrections so that the data is correct. Well-Organized and user-friendly Custom Medical Coding Solutions This is the definition of a good medical coding system which is easy to use and has the ability to generate accurate data. There are few questions which all of us should answer before getting in touch with any medical coding company to know which service provider we should opt for.


Choosing the right medical coding solution for your hospital can make the process of patient access much easier and faster. Along with faster treatment, these solutions help you optimize the overall cost of healthcare and allow you to keep track of patient care trends and trends of clinical data. About the Company: HelloCodes offers quality and trusted medical coding and electronic health record solutions for hospitals, clinics, laboratories, ambulatory surgical centers and home care. HelloCodes provides better ways of workflows to improve patients' experience in their healthcare facilities.


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