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Breast augmentation with implants has long been one of the most common cosmetic surgeries worldwide. Over the years, the concept of breast implants has evolved, with a strong emphasis on safety and patient satisfaction. In this blog, we will explore essential considerations for breast implants, including when to change them, the possibility of breast cancer, implant removal, and addressing potential concerns. The insights used to draft this blog have been gathered by Dr. Shilpi Bhadani, a renowned cosmetic and plastic surgeon at SB Aesthetics for breast augmentation surgery in Gurgaon. Continue reading to learn more.

Safety of Modern Breast Implants

The current generation of breast implants is generally considered safe, with a minimal risk of cancer associated with them. Advancements in implant technology and rigorous testing have led to more reliable and secure options for breast augmentation.

Timing for Implant Change

One important aspect to be aware of is that breast implants may need to be changed every 10-12 years. Over time, the implant shell can weaken, increasing the risk of rupture, particularly after the 10-year mark. It is essential to stay in touch with the plastic surgeon for regular check-ups and to discuss the timing of potential implant replacements.

Is Implant Replacement a Complex Procedure?

The process of changing breast implants is generally straightforward. Patients are often advised to return to the same surgeon who performed the initial procedure. However, a qualified plastic surgeon nearby can also provide assistance if needed. 

When implants are located beneath the breast glands, the breast tissue may experience stretching over time. In such cases, the surgeon may recommend a breast lift in combination with implant replacement. However, for some patients, merely changing the implant to a larger size without a breast lift may suffice.

Addressing Concerns about Breast Cancer

There has been concern about breast implants, specifically textured implants, being associated with a form of lymphoma. Many countries have issued advisories against the use of textured implants due to this risk. If one is worried about breast cancer, it's essential to stay in contact with the plastic surgeon for regular check-ups.

Early detection and treatment are possible, and the risk should not automatically necessitate implant removal. Regular annual breast check-ups are recommended, especially for women over the age of 40, even if they do not have breast implants.

Implant Removal and Impact on Breast Shape

For those considering implant removal, it is crucial to be mentally prepared for the changes that will occur. After removal, patients may experience a decrease in breast volume and shape. To address these changes, fat grafting or fat grafting with a breast lift can be viable options. This approach may require multiple sessions, but it allows the patient's body fat to be used to achieve a satisfactory result.

Concerns about Implant Leakage

If one experiences a strange sensation around their breasts and fears it may be related to implant leakage, it is best to consult a plastic surgeon. Through examination and necessary investigations, a skilled surgeon can determine whether there is a leak and recommend appropriate action.


Breast augmentation with implants is a common cosmetic procedure that offers many benefits to patients. However, it's essential to stay informed about the timing of implant replacement, potential concerns, and safety measures. Regular communication with a qualified plastic surgeon is key to addressing any issues and ensuring the ongoing health and satisfaction of patients with breast implants. 

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