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In addition to keeping your pet's hair in good condition by eliminating filth, dispersing natural oils throughout her coat to prevent knots, and maintaining a clean and irritation-free environment for her skin; regular grooming will help keep her skin clean and free of irritation. A groom is also a great opportunity to look for fleas and flea dirt—those little black spots that indicate your pet has a lice colony.

Coats that are seamless and short

Once a week is sufficient if your dog has a smooth, short coat, such as chihuahuas, boxers, or basset hounds. You may use a bristle brush to remove dead hair after removing dead skin and dirt with a rubber brush. With a chamois cloth, your low-maintenance pooch will shine!

Fur with a short, dense texture

For dogs with short, dense fur that's prone to matting, such as retriever breeds, brushing once a week is sufficient. Remove tangles with a slicker brush and dead hair with a bristle brush. Please don't forget to comb his tail before you leave.

Excessive hair loss or other skin and hair coat issues should be brought to the attention of your veterinarian Wake Forest, NC.


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