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The Kitchen is the heart of your home. We are the best designers for your kitchen. Decormyworld is one of the Budget Friendly Modular Kitchen solutions for your kitchen. You can design your kitchen according to your choice. According to the size and shape cost of the modular kitchen determine. Depending on the area, requirements, and materials cost of the modular kitchen start from Rs 50,000.

Decormyworld is one of the top names when it comes to the leading Interior Designer In Pune. Decormyworld is the affordable solution for your interior design in Pune. We offer numerous design ideas to create your dream kitchen. We are into business for the last 5 years now with more than 50+ happy clients.

There is a different type of kitchen layouts that are used in India, among the following are the most common kitchen layouts -:

  1. L-Shaped Modular Kitchen
  2. U-Shaped Modular Kitchen
  3. Straight Modular Kitchen
  4. Parallel Modular Kitchen 
  5. Island modular kitchen
  6. G-Shaped modular kitchen 
  1. L-Shaped Modular Kitchen-:
    L-shape modular kitchen design is an ideal choice for every person. An L-shaped kitchen design is like that where the countertop resembles the letter L. Most Indian people choose an L-Shaped layout for their kitchen. This layout provided more space to work. One of the best things about an L-shaped modular kitchen is it can fit any size.
  1. U-Shaped Modular Kitchen-:
    In U-shape kitchen design is like that where the layout of the kitchen in the letter U- Shaped. The U-shape modular kitchen design makes the cooking process easier and at the same time two people can work together. In a U-shaped Kitchen, one person can work on one side while another person can work on another side. A u-Shaped kitchen design is also one of the best choices for your dream kitchen.
  1. Straight Modular Kitchen-:
    A straight Modular Kitchen is one of the most popular kitchen layouts. It is one of the convenient options for compact homes. The straight modular kitchen layout is in such a way that all setups are present on one wall. The layout is linear and all the kitchen necessities such as the hob, sink, and fridge lined up one after the other.

  2. Parallel Modular Kitchen-:
    A Parallel Modular Kitchen is also one of the best choices for your kitchen. In a parallel kitchen layout in such way that, cabinets and countertops are present in two straight parallel lines and opposite walls. In a parallel modular kitchen also two people can work together at the same time.

  3. Island modular kitchen-:
    An island modular kitchen is a trending modular kitchen design now a day. This kitchen design provided good functionality and also provided a large work surface in the middle of the kitchen. In this type of kitchen design, many people can work together.

  4. G-Shaped modular kitchen-: 
    A G-shaped Modular kitchen is also the choice for many people. G- Shaped Modular kitchen layout in such a way that it forms a G-shape structure. In a G-shaped Kitchen, You will have a large amount of storage space. The g-shaped modular kitchen is similar to the U-Shaped Modular kitchen only difference is that the G-shaped Layout features a partial fourth wall.

Take Away-:

Decormyworld is one of the Top-Rated Interior Designer In Kothrud. We focus on creative and innovative ideas that can make look space unique and beautiful. We are into business for the last 5 years now with more than 50+ happy clients. We believe in hard work, dedication, commitment, and good-quality results. Décor My World has completed an array of residential and commercial projects, from new construction to renovation to custom furnishing and interiors. We believe that our customers are the most important stakeholder in our business. Making your dream home according to your need and style is our first priority.

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