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Build Modular Buildings and Pergola with Stop Digging

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Want a Modular Building foundation NZ and don’t know which company will help you? Stop Digging can help you every step of the way. Their ground screws are a flexible and simple alternative to concrete, with minimal effort required to install them. Thus, you can avoid all the hassle because you will avoid:

  • trampled flower beds
  • excavated lawns
  • heavy concrete bags

The best part is that the ground is not destroyed at all. Besides, the ground screw itself can be reused and the removal will leave minimal traces. Using ground screws for Modular Building foundation NZ saves a lot of time, so you can rest assured that your project will be completed faster. 

You just need to book the needed services from Stop Digging and the expert will provide a price quote. The installer will come and pre-drill the holes before installing the ground screw so that they have the best possible attachment to the ground. Rest assured that the ground screw can be set both in asphalt and in the event of frost. Rest assured that all attachments and dimensions follow the Swedish construction standard and there are several applications for special assembly. If you deal with the installers from Stop Digging they will help you find the best and most suitable solution for your construction project.

Ground screws from Stop Digging are CE marked and manufactured according to ISO-certified methods. Simply use these ground screws if you plan to build a modular building and you will easily save:

  • Money
  • Time
  • Work
  • Energy 

In addition, Stop Digging provide a 25-year guarantee on all our ground screws. The advantages of using these ground screws as a foundation are many:

  • they can withstand harsh climates
  • they are carefully tested for compression, tensile and lateral loads
  • There are different models and lengths, so they can be used for all manner of construction projects.

Stop Digging have designed ground screws that provide a stable and sustainable ground foundation as a basis for your construction project. You do not need to install them yourself as an approved installer will come to you and drill the required pilot holes and then install the ground screws. You can then begin your construction work, immediately after our ground screw installation is complete.

With the help of Stop Digging, you can also build a beautiful Pergola NZ. If you have planned to give your garden an extra dimension, then building a pergola can be a wonderful solution. This extra room will give you a great chance to eat, have coffee, and just enjoy the nice weather. 

The pergola can be placed in many places in the garden. If you combine it with a windbreak, it is possible, for example, to create a lush and cozy leaf hall. The most common arrangement, however, is to place the pergola as an extension of the house. People always want to create a beautiful terrace full of different plants. So, choose Stop Digging for building a beautiful Pergola NZ and this professional team will leave you 100% satisfied. 


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