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Now this is directed towards first time body builders and DXNCode Strike Review  those of you who are starting out without a clue where to go! What I mean in the title of this article is that the weight loss, metabolism, fat burning, super power promise supplements are not the key to getting the body you want.Let me start by saying there are nutritional supplements that effectively help muscle recovery aiding in more sustained and prolonged workouts that lead to faster muscle gain. So yes some do work, but start with a clean diet plan and go from there.

First eating a clean diet will help your body build what you need. Protein and carbohydrates in the right amounts and at the right times will help you workout longer and stronger. Here is an example of what my routine looks like:Morning 6:30 am: Quick oats with 4–6 egg whites, raisins and organic cane sugar. You can even sprinkle some hemp protein on top, but do not heat it.Snack 10:00am: Cut up orange with half a cup of cottage cheese, and a peanut butter and jam sandwich on sugar free bread. Organic peanut butter with no sugar or hydrogenated oils! Try a rye bread or organic grain bread.

I know, I used to be there myself. My biceps workout? 5 sets of bar curls, some preachers, some 1-arm concentration curls or maybe hammers, finish up with 21s… and then triceps. Close-grip bench, cable press down, skull crushers, 1-arm dumbbell extensions, dips….It's a hard cycle to break out of. Arms are fun. They pump up real nice, get that tight, hard feeling, maybe a bulging vein or two. They get a bit bigger, but for freak's sake as much as you're working them, they should be HUGE! Right?Want bigger arms? Stop training them. Sounds scary doesn't it? Especially to that arm freak who dedicates a whole day to blasting his guns.



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