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What is one thing that stays constant, no matter what mood you are in, and that is films! Movies are not just consumed for entertainment, but they are also informative and used for communication. Things like documentaries, Tv commercials, promotional films, music videos all of these are inclusive when talking about movies. 

Filmmaking is a vast spectrum, and the opportunities are endless. It is a blend of creativity and technicality. When it comes to filmmaking, it is a group effort which needs close and coherent management of various skilled individuals. This field involves acting, directing, producing, script writing, cinematography, sound recording, visual mixing, editing and many more things.

So the job of the filmmaker is much more than one might expect it to be, he/ she has to concentrate on all of the mentioned above things. The person should have a creative bend as well as a knack for technology to generate ideas and then implement it as well. This is not a 9-5 job or a desk job, you have to formulate a story, script and then cast people who will play the characters, music, budget, venue recce, and the list has no end. Hence, to make a career in this field, you should enroll yourself in a film making course.

As Mumbai is the capital of Bollywood, it is evident that film schools in Mumbai will be of top-notch quality and the finest film school is ZIMA. The course gives a platform to Film/TV aspirants who want to make a career in the field of filmmaking. It is extensive training in Film Making, spread over 12 months.

The lectures taught by skilled professionals are structured around classic and contemporary films. The course covers the examination of current storytelling trends, terminology, and workflow, and includes the practical application of latest and emerging technologies.

The curriculum is divided into 144 classroom sessions, 48 film appreciation sessions & 48 practical sessions, and all put together to provide you with over 1000 hours of comprehensive training of the technical as well as the aesthetic aspects of filmmaking.

The students are exposed to subjects and topics like

  • Film Foundation
  • Screenwriting
  • Story-boarding
  • Continuity Exercises
  • Acting for Directors
  • Lighting
  • Cinematography
  • Editing
  • Film Sound Design
  • VFX + Flame Premium (Overview)
  • Production Design (Art & Costume)
  • Staging Theories
  • Documentary / Ad Film Making / Music Video Exercise
  • Film Post Production Workflow
  • Producing
  • Pitching
  • Emerging Formats/Trends

This course will opens your eyes to the wonderful world of movies. With the perfect balance of theory and practical learning, this course prepares you for further technical specialization, or you could continue your journey as a Filmmaker.


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Written by Diksha Sharma

Blogger and content writer


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