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When you start writing, one of the first thoughts in your mind is how do I make an impact with words. Calling it a daunting task would be an understatement. It takes writers months, or sometimes even years, to connect with their audience.

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The more you delve into the nitty-gritty, the more you realize, the writing industry has more to it than what meets the eye. While opportunities are endless, making your readership last is no walk in the park. However, you may find yourself soaring as a writer if you may utilize the right tools effectively.

Hold Your Horses

If you take your writing seriously, you might have grasped by now that only writing might not bring you fruits. The writing industry keeps you on your toes, and you always have to stay prepared and highly adaptable if you wish to outdo the competition. You can keep on writing extravagantly but find yourself in a vicious cycle where you seem to go back to where you started regardless of the effort you put in to succeed. This problem is solvable.

To cater to these struggles, you need first to calm yourself down. Trust your abilities and have yourself cater to your audience in all the right ways, i.e., if your imposter syndrome keeps you from excelling, you should look for ways to cope with it. You can practice self-forgiveness and start keeping track of your achievements. Chances are, you might find it as the first step leading your way towards success.

Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth

No, you can't handle every other thing there is on your own. You are an author and have earned mastery in your craft like no other. You know, you have a distinct author's voice you can use to promote your work. However, if you think promoting your brand – your name, in this case, is not your forte, you should skip that for now!

You should stick to your work and make your way through it. If you are still keen, you can seek a marketer's help. In case you have been wondering, there's nothing wrong with not doing everything on your own. The experts are there for a reason, and you should have them help you cater to your audience in all the ways possible.

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Benefit from the Latest Developments

The digital realm has only been expanding, and you should benefit from this. Create a digital presence that displays all your recent works. From your latest writings to your awards and accolades, manage to have a place that describes your forte in the best way possible.

Utilize Your tools Rightfully

Whether it is SEO that organically ranks your websites on SERPs, pay-per-click ads, or any digital platform, you should use them tactfully. Let's say your readers don't use social media, yet you're confidently using social media as a tool to promote your work. Where would that leave you? Disconnected from your audience. Something that you don't want at all.

Bottom Line – Socialize & Promote Other Author's Work

Socializing has its perks, and as an author, you are eager to create a presence for yourself. Being sociable will only bring you benefits. So, ensure you are attending meet-ups, appearing in podcasts, and other modern mediums of promotion! You can also promote other's work as it might cater to your audience indirectly.

Authors Bio: Besides being an avid reader, Dr. Regina A Johnson is an Indie Author, a publishing house CEO – EOJ Publisher, a Naval Officer, and a public speaker. A part-time author and a mother to beautiful Orlanda, she recently ventured her book store in 2020. She may have a lot on her plate, but reading to her daughter every night is what she loves the most!


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