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Burn the sky

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Lu Haozhi's heart was so confused that he was embarrassed for a moment. He looked at Chen Qi several times and felt that the boy was so sophisticated that he was already comparable to himself and was not an easy character to deal with. Chen Qi did not know that the second master had already changed his perception of himself. After playing with a few knives, he clapped the Burmese sword around his waist and immediately turned it into a belt around his waist. He folded his arms and thanked Shuangyin Xiucai Lu Haozhi, saying, “Thanks to the great kindness of the Second Master, this Dao is really wonderful. I don't know how to repay the Second Master.” Lu Haozhi first laughed, and then pretended to say: “To call the second elder brother, what the second master, said the next life points.” “When did we have such rules in Tianma Mountain?” Said Chen Qi in the dark? It turns out that on the mountain, you just treat the other small village leaders as cattle and horses. How can you let us call each other brother? This pair of Yin scholars are cunning, and suddenly they are gallant to me. I'm afraid it's not a good omen. I have to guard against him. Chen Qi is also rolling out of the den of thieves, how can he trust people easily? No matter how good Lu Haozhi was to him, Chen Qi would not be grateful and grateful. After all, he was very familiar with the second-in-command and knew that he was ruthless and never had a good heart. This time he first encouraged him to give advice to the Lord of the Stronghold and then presented him with a precious sword. It all seemed like a conspiracy. Chen Qi thought for a long time and suddenly thought, “Didn't I reveal something?” Chen Qi thought once, a little more alert, but the mouth is pushing the boat, the second brother, the second brother called very familiar twist, as if completely do not know what Lu Haozhi calculation in general. Chen Qi has been in the den of thieves for many years and has seen many characters. He knows that pretending to be stupid is far more beneficial to himself than pretending to be smart. Although Lu Haozhi could not figure out Chen Qi's thoughts, he laughed and said a lot of intimate language when he saw that Chen Qi was willing to accept his kindness. The two chatted in the middle of the night, as if the relationship had suddenly become much closer, until they were sleepy and dozed off a little. They are all used to being mountain thieves. They don't trust others at all. Even if they sleep with half their eyes open, they don't care about the vigil. Chen Qi pretended to fall asleep and secretly ran Taishang Hualong Jue. After two or three hours,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, the sky brightened, and he only felt that the group of True Qi in the Dantian had grown a little stronger. Taishang Hua Long Jue is only a few hundred words, and its meaning is very profound. Chen Qi can't understand all of them, but he knows that after a person who practices martial arts practices a stream of True Qi, he has to warm it up and grow it, and begin to get through the orifices and acupoints of the whole body. Every time an orifice is opened, True Qi will have one more place to store. When competing with others, it is not necessary to lift Qi from the Dantian, and the action will be much faster. The Black Tornado Stronghold Leader taught him the Iron Bone Skill,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, but he pointed out all the 365 orifices and acupoints in his body. Chen Qi thought to himself, “The first thing a person who practices martial arts should get through is the orifices and acupoints on his arms. When he makes a move, it is easy to have a sharp force. I'll try to get through these orifices first.” Chen Qizheng thought, Lu Haozhi also got up. This Shuangyin scholar usually gets up early to practice martial arts. As the saying goes, the fist never leaves the hand and the song never leaves the mouth. Being a mountain thief's martial arts is fundamental. If he abandons his martial arts, he will stride on his way to death. Lu Haozhi was born in the Yinshan Sect. He was much better than the martial arts handed down by the Iron Bone Gate, but his aptitude was not good. He stayed in the Yinshan Sect for many years, but he didn't learn any real kungfu, so he had to pass on a set of seven-step Yin Feng palm, which has always been regarded as a secret skill. At this time, in order to show good to Chen Qi, Lu Haozhi did not conceal that after practicing his own palm method, he also revealed that he wanted to teach this set of palm method. Chen Qi would have been overjoyed, of course, if he hadn't gotten the three pages of the Golden Book. He was afraid that he would have pounced on it at the moment. Everyone's own master, a good disciple, Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle ,30ml Dropper Bottle, would have come. But at this time he did not look up to this set of palm method, not to mention the seven-step Yin Feng palm practice is quite difficult, to spend a lot of effort, Chen Qi thought to have this effort, practice the three pages of the golden book on the pithy formula, more cost-effective. Seeing that Chen Qi had no intention of asking for advice, Lu Haozhi took a little more thought and kept speculating: “Did I look down on the rough embryo of the Black Tornado?”? In addition to his Iron Bone Skill, he also has other magical martial arts skills. Is that why Chen Qi looks down on my seven-step Yin Feng Palm? Two people each bosom idea, eat breakfast, Lu Haozhi still have to go. Chen Qi thought and Lu Haozhi just said, this time out is not to find out what business, they have some doubts, but asked a few words, Lu Haozhi only said that there are other arrangements, Chen Qi also helpless. Lu Haozhi took Chen Qi and walked for three days before he arrived at Poyang Mansion. Chen Qi also did not know, Lu Haozhi told him that coming out to inquire about the news was just an excuse, but why did he have to go so far. Little _ Say _ txt Heaven Five, Beautiful Sect Leader Since the chaos of the ten eunuchs, the great cloud Dynasty has been the loss of imperial power, for all kinds of strongmen to steal, many bureaucrats around the court orders, self-appointment and removal of officials, control of taxes, and even in charge of military power. According to the ancient system, the Dayun Dynasty divided the territory into States, counties and counties. In the land of a state, Wen has a state herdsman, Wu has a viceroy, and they are stationed in two places, each of which is not subordinate to each other. The land of a county to Satrap, big county government, small county magistrate, are not allowed to garrison. It's just that these rules have long been abandoned, and the strongmen everywhere ignore them. Poyang government is the first county, not only has the government, even the county Satrap also set up a government here, the population of more than ten thousand, has been very rich. Lu Haozhi often came here. He was not only familiar with the road, but also bought a huge house in the west of Poyang Mansion. When he brought Chen Qi to his big house and shouted, more than a dozen servants and maids came up and presented them with toiletries, cakes and snacks, tea and fruit, which was quite imposing as a master. Although Chen Qi had two old women on the mountain, he could not serve anything. What's more, Tianma Mountain Dazhai is a den of thieves, even if robbed a few women, also trembling, where is so lively, so intimate? Seeing the scene that the Lord of the Stronghold had never enjoyed, Chen Qi could not help but feel a little hot. When Lu Haozhi saw Chen Qi like this, he said with a smile from the bottom of his heart, “Although this little thief is cunning,Serum Bottle With Dropper, after all, he has never seen any market. If I soften him with benefits for a few days, you can't get into my urn if you don't believe me.” 。 penghuangbottle.com


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