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Business Class in Indigo

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Business Class in Indigo


Travel in style: How Bhartiya Airways is making flying luxurious for less


Traveling in style was never so affordable. This year, Bhartiya Airways has launched its business class, which offers the best of comfort and luxury at an unbeatable price tag. If you’re traveling on a budget but still want to fly in style, here are some of the features that make their business class worth every penny!


What is a fully flat seat?


Bhartiya's new full-flat seats are designed to be more comfortable and versatile. They eliminate the need to squish your feet against the seat in front of you, which has been a common complaint among many fliers. The seats will also offer a generous amount of legroom, which will make it easier to sleep on long-haul flights.

We have created a design that our customers are asking for, said Ashwani Lohani, chairman and managing director at Bhartiya. We know what passengers want and we know how to deliver it. According to Lohani, these features will provide a luxury experience without breaking the bank.


What are the benefits of an upgraded seat?


Flying business class gives you access to an exclusive lounge, spacious seating, and a more comfortable flight. There are many benefits of upgrading to a business class seat, but these five are the most popular: 

– Luxurious seating – Exclusive lounge – More comfortable flights – Concierge services – More legroom – Improved on-board meals – Priority check-in – Priority baggage delivery – Faster immigration processing – VIP arrival service This style blog post will give you insight into what it feels like to travel in this particular airline.


Is it worth upgrading from Y to B?


Bhartiya Airways Y class offers a personalized experience with amenities such as a duvet and pillow, cotton sheets, and quality headphones. If you're looking to treat yourself on your next flight, it's worth spending the money to upgrade from Y to B. It will cost around Rs. 1500 per passenger but if you're traveling solo or in pairs then this may be an investment worth considering! 

The aircraft are well maintained, have high-quality finishes, and provide plenty of legroom. You'll also get access to live television including movies and TV series (this can't be said about every carrier!). 

What're more, passengers who fly Business Class receive priority luggage handling at airports. A few benefits that come with this include not having to wait long periods of time for baggage and not having to worry about being bumped off flights due to overbooking – both common problems in today's airline industry. Furthermore, travelers don't have to stand in queues for security checks which means they don't waste any time waiting.

The service doesn't stop there though!


Is business class only available on international flights?


One of the great perks of being a business-class flyer on an international flight is the luxury and comfort that you enjoy during your travel. From attentive service to exclusive amenities, business class flyers get every little detail is taken care of so they can relax and enjoy their trip. In contrast, domestic flights are often more affordable but lack some of the luxuries of their overseas counterparts. 

Bhartiya Airways recognizes this gap and offers passengers business class tickets on domestic flights as well. 

Whether it's your first time or your one-hundredth time traveling abroad, remember to always book ahead – seating will be limited!


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