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Amazon users like Gift cards and vendors also like them because they manage to attract new customers referred by a current one with which you can later retain them. They make a mark, especially in the case of Amazon that uses physical cards with a fairly careful design.

They allow being used as a prize or even remuneration for collaborators in certain actions such as market studies, contests, etc. Buy amazon gift cards for people who do not have a credit card.

Seen like this, it is clear that it is such a simple and cheap strategy to assemble that it is worth giving an option to see how it responds.

It is a way to add balance to an account so that it has an associated amount that cannot be exceeded unless it is recharged. This is very useful to control the expense that is made in a certain account either for security, because it is used by more than one user or because we do not want the kids to leave us with an empty bank account. The idea is to allow users to make safe purchases.

Types of Amazon gift cards

It is not that they have only one type of card preloaded with an amount and that’s it. Amazon has worked on this type of product a lot, so it has thought of different alternatives.

Gifts cards or virtual cards

Buy amazon gift cards, they are completely virtual and arrive with a code for the amount selected via email or mobile message. You can choose the money with which we want to load it (typically part of $ 10 or $ 25 but it is customizable in terms of the limit above), design of the virtual card among several available, delivery date, and message for the recipient.

There are also virtual gift cards from Amazon which are the ones with the best plans.

Printable Cards

Well, as you imagine, the cards are ready to download in PDF format and thus be able to print them without having to send them. In this case, unlike eCards, only Amazon is available. I am not going to extend much because they work the same as virtual ones, the idea is that in case of emergency you can have a physical gift that you can put in an envelope and deliver in real-time.

Physical Gift Cards

The truth is that the fact of giving a card is already quite impersonal; so many users do not even consider giving a virtual one. For those who want to have something to physically put in a box, there are standard Amazon gift cards.

In a very intelligent way, they have worked on the design of the cards themselves and their packaging in such a way that it provides a certain added value, of giving them a gift entity. In addition to this, there is a whole range of different cards and envelopes so you can find something that you love enough.

As in the case of virtual cards, physical cards can be loaded with the amount we want and expire 10 years after purchase. Of course: they do not allow returns, so if they give it to you, you keep it. They are redeemed directly in our account by adding the code printed on the card and, in a few clicks, you will have the balance added and available.

Within the physical cards are other cards. The appearance is the same but it has the peculiarity of not being pre-loaded, you buy “blank” and add the balance when you need it (only once, it is not rechargeable). They come with their envelopes so that you always have your gift ready.

They have an agreement with VISA and MasterCard to market bank gift cards with which you can buy them at any online or offline store.


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