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Buy flats in Newtown Rajarhat -which Place is better to buy flats

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Investment in the real estate business helps in securing your future. When we invest in residential properties, it is obvious that we have a different thought process while when we invest in commercial properties we have different thought processes. Commercial properties are solely for business purposes. So, all the perspectives of these two properties are different and today I am going to focus on commercial properties. Apart from the definition of commercial properties, I will evaluate the opportunities for commercial properties in Kolkata as well.


  1. What is commercial property?

Commercial properties are the properties which have been listed for business activity in a given economy or area. Commercial property includes malls, grocery stores, offices, industrial estates, manufacturing shops and more.

Well, it is important to mention that commercial properties are always costlier than residential properties and it is considered as one of the best ways of investment as well. Basically, in commercial properties, you are investing double that of residential properties and getting the returns triple.   

Well, you will get some more benefits in commercial properties such as triple net leases. In this triple net lease expenses such as real estate taxes, building insurance and maintenance are borne by the company leasing the premises.


  1. What are the opportunities for commercial properties in Kolkata?

Kolkata is growing every day. Currently, the population of Kolkata is 15,333,000. It has increased by 1.31%  from the year 2022. The population of the metro area in the year 2022 was 15,134,000. Again, it was  1.07%  higher than the year 2021. So, it can be stated that the population of Kolkata is increasing in a rapid way & obviously with modernisation & globalisation their needs are also changing. So, it is important to recognise and fulfil the demands of the consumers. Be it the grocery or luxurious bags, the demands of the consumers must be fulfilled and this is making a huge opportunity for commercial properties. Do you know why? Because with the increasing population, the demand for goods will increase and the necessity of shops will increase too. Don't you think that this is the right time to invest in some lucrative commercial properties to secure your future? Don't think much, connect with Realtech Nirman to get the right commercial property in the heart of the city.


  1. What are the opportunities for commercial properties in New Town, Rajarhat?

New Town is the growing IT hub of Kolkata and it is holding the 8th rank out of 100 smart cities in India. There is a large number of companies who are opening their branches in this area due to the locational advantages. With these companies, there are a huge number of employees from outside of the Berngal coming to Bengal to work & stay. So definitely it is an opportunity for businessmen and according to me, it is high time to invest in commercial property in this area as well. It will serve in the future significantly.


Some common FAQs


Why are commercial properties costlier than residential ones?

Well, there are many factors. Commercial properties are built in a premium location to generate the highest amount of revenue. So the investment cost to acquire that land is much higher than the residential one. It needs to be considered that the competition among the builders to get that specific land to make the commercial property is also high. So, many times the builder needs to invest far more than their budget or expectation which impacts the pricing. At the same time, buying that specific property is not all, the builder has to pay the developmental taxes to the local authority which is also pretty high and this also impacts the pricing as well.


Is there any risk involved in investing in commercial properties?

Well, if you are thinking of your own business then it is important to keep in mind that businesses are always risky. To avoid this risk you can invest in an indirect way such as you can buy a commercial place and put it on rent.


What are the factors should I look for when buying a commercial property?

Commercial properties are for the consumers. If you fail to grab the attention of the consumer your business is going to fail. So you have to pay significant attention to a prime location, modern design, availability of public transport, quality of roads etc. apart from these all you can compare between the different property prices to get the best in the market.


Final words: Commercial properties are one of the best ways of investment. The increasing population and industrialisation in Kolkata, it is opening the gateway to more opportunities for these commercial properties as well. To get the best commercial property at the best price connect with Realtech Nirman now.


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