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Bangalore city is known for its bustling, dynamic lifestyle, thriving tech scenes and picturesque green spaces. It is no wonder then, that the city is also brimming with gardening enthusiasts and nature lovers looking to enhance their living spaces. 

Among this fast-paced lifestyle, buying plants online has become the go-to solution for many plant lovers. 

Urvann, one of India’s largest online nurseries has multiple types of plants, such as flowering plants, foliage plants, outdoor plants, table top plants, succulents and so much more. The most amazing feature of the platform is that it provides free next-day delivery of plants at your doorstep.

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Whether you are a seasoned gardener or a newbie, we all love exploring a number of options before we can zero-in on what we want to buy. It is here that online shopping comes in and provides customers an extensive range of plants to choose from. Whether it is a seasonal flowering plant, perennial, or a lush green indoor plant, shopping online will serve your purpose and all at a click of a button. 

Studies have shown that having plants around allows a person to destress and increases their overall productivity. Just looking at plants and greenery can instil happy emotions in an individual and boost the mood. 

Apart from that, many house plants act as air purifiers and help breathe better. In this increasingly concrete dominated world that humans are forming, it is great to have a little green corner in the vicinity promoting the overall health of an individual. You can go for indoor plants to ensure a cleaner environment inside your homes and workplaces. Read further on to know how to buy plants in Bangalore!

Advantages of Buying Plants Online

  1. An enjoyable shopping experience is guaranteed when all the planting needs of a customer are catered to.  The lifestyle of Bangalore may make it difficult for corporate employees to go to a nursery and buy plants. Online shopping for plants has removed this hurdle by giving the customers a flawless experience. It saves time and effort and makes gardening accessible for everyone. 
  2. If you buy from a trusted online plant nursery, you will see that they provide detailed information about all the plants listed, including care instructions, growth habits and sunlight and water requirements. Urvann, is also running a plants under 99 initiative to help newbie gardeners start slowly but steadily into the world of gardening. 
  3. Online plant shopping will also help you to compare prices and quality across various platforms and help you to find the best deals and discounts available. Urvann, offers the best quality plants at the cheapest prices which are great additions to your garden decor. 
  4. On-time home delivery is one of the best features of the online shopping system for plants. The sellers ensure that the plants reach the customer in fresh and healthy conditions and that too at your doorstep. 

Tips to care for your plants

Choose plants depending on the light and ventilation conditions in your home or workspace to ensure that your plant stays healthy. 

Watering: Many times people as a routine water their plants. This may lead to overwatering of your plant which can result in root rot. Read up about the watering needs of the particular plant and water accordingly. A general rule of thumb is to check if the top layer of the soil looks dried out.

Pruning: Trimming and removing the dead parts of your plant will keep it healthy. Regular pruning also makes the plant bushier and encourages new growth on the plant. This will also ensure appropriate nutrition allocation to all parts of the plant. 

For e.g. Regular pruning of the money plant will make it more bushy and encourage new shoots to form.


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