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Buy-to-let Property Areas in The UK 2022

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Buy-to-let Property Areas in The UK 2022

Buying property in the right areas is critical for landlords. Several factors are considered when we talk about the Best Buy-to-let Property Areas in the UK 2022. Some are obvious as it’s essential to get a clear idea of what makes an excellent Buy-to-let investment. Investors always search following top UK buy-to-let areas where future market growth combines strong yields and will reap the best rewards. 

The fundamental vital metrics we look at are:

  • Property Prices
  • Rental Yields
  • Tenant Demand
  • Population
  • Regeneration
  • Career Opportunities
  • BTL Property Opportunities
  • Transport Links
  • Tenant Demographics

Buy to let area in UK

You can get a complete picture of areas that perform buy-to-let and help to rent a rented property. Meanwhile, it also highlights emerging towns and cities that might not have traditional options for investment. It is a great way to become a landlord and figure out where to consider a property investment in the UK.

Continued changes in the tax relief and greater landlord responsibilities are the two factors that may have you wondering if residential investment properties are worth it. Star Sterling, an innovative property investment firm, has analyzed multiple districts in the UK and found the best and worst-performing places for property investors and landlords. Buying a property to rent is an excellent way to earn additional income. In the UK, rental yield is higher than others which means landlords can quickly learn more. Property investment would remain a popular choice as the house processes are expected to rise in 2022. Thus, the current average rental yield for the UK would be 3.63 percent.

The Buy-to-let Market

Buy-to-let renting properties in the UK refer to the investment in which the investor gets the basic principle of buying the right property for the right price in the correct location. The right place appears to be in the North, where the investors achieve up to 10% yields in some major cities. 

Why should investors consider buy-to-let?

Landlords & investors choose buy-to-let houses and strive to become landlords and get the capital growth on their investment and regular income. They would like to achieve both aims and seek to identify their priority at the outset. Many properties provide outstanding and attractive rent but may not see much appreciation. Perhaps the most significant consideration for investors is rental yield. As the London market is showing signs which helps to recover with the return of overseas buyers, all their attention has turned to cities like Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, and Leeds. All areas have benefited from regeneration projects and have excellent links for transport. Besides, many cities are experiencing strong demand for rented accommodation. More regions along the route are becoming attractive to commuters wanting to live outside the major cities. 

Best Rental Yields In The UK

After the unprecedented highs and lows of the last year, 2021, it’s expected that 2022 will become a transformative year for UK investors. Property demand has reached its new levels, and seemingly, records are being broken day by day. So investors have plenty of opportunities to jump back into the market, especially when they have been holding off on making a purchase. So here we listed out the yields in the UK 2022.

  • London
  • South East
  • South West
  • West Midlands
  • East Midlands
  • East
  • North East
  • North West
  • Yorkshire & the Humber
  • Wales 
  • Scotland 

Best Property Areas For Buy-to-let in The UK

Many top property investment areas are beneficial for buy-to-let likewise, like Bradford, Manchester, Newcastle Upon Tyle, Yorkshire, and many more. As rental yields per area vary, we examine some cities delivering impressive rental yields:


Liverpool is becoming known as the UK's next Buy-to-Let hotspot. It is a top city for rental yield and benefits investors with low house prices and high rental demand from a young demographic.


Buy-to-let investors are expecting 6.7% yields in the key areas. The house prices have grown by 15.76% over the last five years. Manchester is the most extensive rental market in the UK, and it has become the best UK city for buy-to-let investors. Besides, it has experienced the highest property growth in the UK in the last 20 years. Manchester is forecast to see the most elevated property sales price and rental growth in the future.


Birmingham offers yields and has a thriving economy and growing population, which indicates a strong demand for rental property. As a result, it has experienced around 15% price growth in the past five years, and the rent has risen by 30%.


Leeds is the UK’s fast-growing city benefiting from various regeneration schemes. As a result, property prices are supposed to rise, and the current average house prices have seen around a 9% increase over the last five years. In addition, the city is expanding quickly as a tech hub, and over the past five years, Londoners are moving there. As a result, it is the strongest performer in the country in terms of economic development. 


In Nottingham, the house prices are on average at £214,435. Plus, the buy-to-let rental yield is around 5%. Nottingham has seen a growth in house prices over the last five years, and it has a larger population of students, ensuring a healthy demand for rental accommodation.

Buy-to-let Property Areas Is The Key When Considering A Buy-to-let Property!

We at Star Sterling analyze the top postcode districts in the UK and find the best-performing places for property investors. Buying a property to rent is an effective way to earn a handsome income. In the UK, rental yield is higher than others which means landlords can achieve more. Landlords should consider nearby local employment levels, transport links, and social amenities to ensure a supply of tenants. Consider those areas which are improving rather than less desirable districts which may be cheaper and achieve lower rental income. Investors can easily manage a buy-to-let property themselves and travel time from their own homes.

Star Sterling Helps the UK And Overseas Investors Buy Property In the UK

We help investors to rent out their houses to good long-term tenants. Landlords can maintain, manage, and do everything for long-term properties. We help clients simply buy and benefit from long-term guaranteed rental income and capital property growth. 

So let’s find the perfect property with us! We assist you in developing and acquiring properties efficiently.
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