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Buyers Guide: Truck Bed Steps

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Do you find yourself struggling to get into your truck bed? Do you envy the easy access those lucky folks with pickup trucks enjoy? Worry no more. Simple truck accessories like truck bed steps can give you the same advantage. Installing bed steps is a quick and easy way to make getting into your truck bed a breeze – even when you have something large or heavy to haul. But not all truck bed steps are created equal, so which one is right for you? Keep reading this article to know about different truck bed steps available and find the perfect one for your needs.

Side Steps

Side steps are the perfect way to access the truck bed. Some models kick out from one side, making them easy and accessible when needed; others can be lowered or pushed up as needed without getting in anyone's way.

These are highly recommended: 

  • Dee Zee Side Box Step

This handy little steel step mounts in front of the rear wheel, making it easy to access the front of your truck bed. This step is built to last with its corrosion-resistant gloss black powder coat finish and non-skid step surface. Plus, it comes backed by a 3-year limited warranty from Dee Zee.

  • AMP Research BedStep 2

The AMP Research Bedstep 2 makes accessing your truck bed more convenient than ever. This frame-mounted, retractable step can be mounted on either side of the truck box, and it deploys or retracts with just the nudge of your foot. With its rugged construction and easy installation, the Bedstep 2 is perfect for getting to your tools, equipment, and cargo in a hurry.


Bumper and Tailgate Bed Steps


These nifty accessories attach to the rear bumper or tailgate of your truck, providing a convenient step to your lifted vehicle. They provide a safe and easy way to access the truck bed.


These are highly recommended: 

  • Dee Zee Bumper Step

This handy truck accessory is mounted to the rear bumper, providing a convenient 4″ x 4″ step surface that helps you safely access your truck bed. It is made of durable steel and comes in a gloss-black powder-coat finish. The bumper step is easy to install and doesn't require drilling for installation. Plus, Dee Zee offers a three-year limited warranty on this product.

  • AMP Research BedStep

This handy little step mounts underneath your rear bumper and folds away when not in use. Just press down with your foot when you need it, and the step will deploy. Made of sturdy aluminum and capable of supporting up to 300 lbs, the BedStep is a must-have for truck owners who want fast, easy access to their bed. AMP Research offers a three-year warranty on this handy accessory.

  • Bestop TrekStep Tailgate Step

This step folds up out of the way when not in use so that it won't impact the look of your truck. Deploying the tailgate step is simple- just push down on it with your foot. The TrekStep can support up to 300 lbs. Its stepping surface is powder-coated for slip resistance and durability. Plus, the TrekStep avoids interference with other accessories such as trailer hitches, so you can get the most out of your truck. Best of all, it comes with a three-year warranty.


Hitch Steps


It can be challenging to access the truck bed without help, especially if you have a lifted truck. That's where hitch steps come in. These steps attach to the hitch receiver and provide an easy way to get into the bed of your vehicle. 


These are highly recommended: 

  • WeatherTech BumpStep

It's a fact: Rear-end collisions are among the top vehicular accidents. So, to help protect truck bumpers from those unsightly dents and scratches, check out WeatherTech's BumpStep. This handy little device easily installs onto your trailer hitch and provides a sturdy platform for you to step on for convenient access to the truck bed. Plus, it also serves as a bumper protector in the event of a collision. 

  • Smittybilt Beaver Step

If you need extra help getting up to your truck bed or roof rack, check out the Smittybilt Beaver Step. It provides a secure stepping point and tow point, so you can easily access your gear without worrying about slippage. It is made from carbon steel for lasting durability and comes in a black powder coat finish.

  • Body Armor BackBone Hitch Skid

When it comes to protection for your rig, you want the best of the best. That's why Body Armor has created the Backbone Hitch Skid. This 4-in-1 accessory features a skid plate to protect your undercarriage, a wheel chock to keep your vehicle in place, a recovery point for emergencies, and a non-skid step for easy truck bed access. The Backbone installs easily into any 2″ receiver.

  • Go Rhino Dominator Hitch Step

This durable hitch receiver accessory features a two-step design that provides easy access to pickup trucks and SUVs. The Dominator can work with any 2″ hitch receiver. It features three adjustable extension positions along its hitch shaft, an anti-rattle bracket accessory, a black powder coat finish, angled and capped tube ends, compatibility with hitch locks, and a five-year limited warranty.

  • N-Fab Growler Hitch Step

The all-new Growler Hitch Step is a perfect accessory for adventurers and hard-working truck owners. This sturdy, 19″ x7″ platform provides a secure foothold while you access the bed of your truck. The step is coated with a zinc primer and finished in a textured black powder coating to prevent rust and corrosion. And don't worry about noisy rattles; its custom anti-rattle clip ensures a smooth ride.


Truck bed steps are an excellent investment for any truck owner. You can use it to improve your vehicle's exterior, protect it from dents and scratches as you haul in cargos, and provide convenient access to your lifted vehicle's truck bed. These exterior aftermarket parts can do all three. Get one installed today to provide convenient access to your lifted truck. 





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