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Are you looking for another showerhead? Is your showerhead broken, obstructed, or would you say you are simply worn out on it? Prior to going out and simply picking one from the numerous decisions at the store require one moment to get a thought of what kinds of showerheads are accessible so you can take full advantage of your buy.

Above all else, the showerhead stream rate is one thing that separates the various sorts of showerheads, so it's acceptable to understand what it implies. The stream pace of a showerhead is the proportion of gallons every moment that a showerhead apportions. As per the DOE government guidelines, showerheads can't deliver more than 2.5 gpm at 80 psi (pounds per square inch).

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Showerhead Types 


A fixed showerhead is one that is joined to the shower arm that emerges from the divider. Like most showerheads, you can change a fixed shower head by just unscrewing the showerhead at that point screwing on another one. Take care to hold against the shower arm while unscrewing the showerhead to maintain a strategic distance from a wrecked shower arm. Fixed shower heads can accompany a wide range of highlights like back rub, downpour, and water-saving.


A hand-held showerhead is associated with a long hose, and it sits in a support when it isn't in your grasp. Handheld showerheads can be utilized as a fixed shower head, yet when removed the support, they can be utilized for significantly more, similar to washing pets, washing kids, and in any event, cleaning the tub. Hand-held shower heads are accessible in various lengths of hose yet to meet ADA consistence they should be at any rate 84″ long. The more drawn out the hose, the more advantageous however it could impede the tub. Hoses somewhere in the range of 60″ and 72″ function admirably for the normal home.


A water-saving showerhead can use as meager as 1 GPM. On the off chance that you are hoping to save money on water and gas (or electrical) utilization, at that point a water-saving showerhead may be ideal for you. Large numbers of the water-saving sorts of showerheads are circulated air through and afterward helped to feel like they apportion more water. This kind of water-saving showerhead additionally works incredible in low water pressure conditions since they are causing it to feel like you have more water pressure than you do.

Back rub or shower design: 

There are many splash designs accessible in back rub type showerheads. Heartbeat, downpour, stream, air circulation, and fog are only a couple. Not all splash designs are as viable or helpful as others. I have seen showerheads with 8 special splash designs and as meager as one asserting it was a back rub showerhead.


Downpour showerheads are regularly an overhead style, which means you should have the option to be straightforwardly under it for best outcomes. Downpour style shower heads convey water softly and uniformly from above with a larger than usual head for a wide appropriation of water. Downpour showerheads work best in conditions where there is a lot of water strain to assist the showerhead with conveying water adequately.

Double (fixed and hand): 

Can't choose a wand or fixed sort showerhead? At that point what about both. These showerheads come in numerous shapes and structures, some even incorporated where it would appear that just one shower head however within piece pulls out to be utilized as a wand. Double showerheads can accompany many splash design rub settings, so you get all that all wrapped into one.

Body sprayers: 

You can discover body splashes in some shower manufacturer. They require an exceptional sort of shower valve and splash bodies introduced inside the divider, so they generally are done in the development or redesigning period of the restroom. These can be turned on with the showerhead or work autonomously. In the event that you plan on adding these to your shower, at that point prepare for difficulties.

Side bar: 

A slide bar shower apparatus is mounted on the mass of the shower and can be utilized to change the tallness of the showerhead without any problem. This sort of showerhead can function admirably in circumstances where you may have to modify the tallness of the showerhead for the various individuals from the family. They are additionally convenient when you need to keep the water low to try not to get your hair wet.


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