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Buying Guide – Different Types Of Wheelbarrows

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In many cases, gardeners may not realize just how important a tool a wheelbarrow is in the garden. In fact, a wheelbarrow can perform many garden tasks.

Wheelbarrows can be used for a variety of purposes, such as moving rocks, mulch or compost to the garden, moving trees or large shrubs from one place to another, hauling bricks, disposing of garden debris, or even for mixing concrete or fertilizer.

However, there are different types of wheelbarrows designed for different jobs. Which wheelbarrow you should buy depends on what tasks you need it for. We've prepared an introduction and buying guide to wheelbarrows for you, so keep reading to learn more.

Using Wheelbarrows In Gardens

With so many varieties available, it is important to choose a wheelbarrow that properly fits your gardening needs. In general, wheelbarrow buckets come in two materials: steel or plastic.

Steel wheelbarrow buckets can handle more weight, but they will rust and be heavier to handle. Steel wheelbarrows are used for heavy-duty work, such as moving rocks, bricks or large plants.

Plastic wheelbarrow buckets are lighter and often cheaper, but they can break from carrying too much weight or from bumps. Plastic wheelbarrows are used to move mulch, compost, garden debris and small plants. Plastic is also better for mixing things like concrete or fertilizer, especially some organic fertilizers that contain animal manure, which contains ingredients that can corrode steel.

Trolleys also come in different capacities to indicate how much weight they can hold. But we don't recommend filling them to the brim with rocks or bricks when using a wheelbarrow – as they say on the label that they can hold 500 pounds.

How much weight you put on the wheelbarrow will depend on your own strength. While such tools are designed to make it easier to move and dump heavy loads, a wheelbarrow full of rocks or other heavy objects may be too heavy for many people to handle.

How to Choose a Wheelbarrow

When choosing a wheelbarrow, also consider the handles and wheels. When you hear “wheelbarrow,” you probably think of the classic wheelbarrow with two straight handles, one wheel in the center of the front, and two supports evenly spaced in the back. However, newer types of wheelbarrows may have ergonomic bar handles and/or two wheels. Single-wheeled wheelbarrows are easier to tip and maneuver, but they are also easy to tip over when turning or tipping, or due to unbalanced loads.

Carts with two wheels are less prone to accidental tipping, but may be more difficult to turn and dump. Wheels are also available as ordinary inflatable wheels or solid rubber wheels like bicycles. Solid rubber wheels don't flatten or burst like inflatable wheels, but they also don't have the shock absorption of inflatable wheels, making them more difficult to use on rough terrain.

The classic two-handle wheelbarrow is designed for good leverage. These handles are usually plastic, metal or wood. Plastic handles can break due to excessive weight. Metal handles can get very hot from being in the sun for long periods of time. Wooden handles can crack and split from too much weather exposure. Two-handled strollers may also require a lot of upper body strength, causing shoulder, arm and back pain.

Ergonomic handles are usually bar handles, like lawn mowers. These bar handles are designed to reduce upper arm strain, but actually have less leverage when dumping loads and can cause more back pain.

In addition to the types described above, there are also specialized slender carts that can be used in tight spaces. Now you can even find foldable canvas trolleys on the market for easy storage. Of course, these canvas trolleys cannot withstand a lot of weight.

Take the time to choose the best trolley for your own needs. All different types of trolleys have pros and cons, so base your choice on what seems easiest for you to use.

If you have any pruner purchase needs or other questions, feel free to contact us. GarDepot is always happy to help!



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