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Calculate Ascendant, Moon Sign And Sun Sign: Discover Your Personality, Emotions And Passions

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Sun sign, Moon sign, and Rising sign have different effects on our personality traits. If you want to understand a person in depth, it is advisable to know these three signs. In this article, we'll talk about what the Sun sign, Moon sign, and Rising sign are, respectively, and what the differences are between them, so you can better understand yourself and those you care about.

In general, the Sun sign dominates your personality traits, the Moon sign represents your inner needs and attitudes, and the Rising sign is the first impression you make on others and the image you try to present to the world.


Calculate Ascendant, Moon Sign, And Sun Sign

How to know my ascendant, my moon sign and my sun sign? What do the rising sign, the moon sign and the sun sign mean? With this calculator, you can easily get to know them and discover your personality, your emotions and your passions. Enjoy.


What Is The Sun Sign?

What does the sun sign mean? The sun sign is what we usually call the 12 signs of the zodiac, which represent the external characters of a person, including how to express his will and how to use his basic potential.

With date of birth and sun sign calculator, you can easily find out which sun sign you are. If you think you were born at the confluence of two signs, you can enter the exact date and time of birth to get the exact Sun sign.


 What Is The Moon Sign?

 What does the moon sign mean? The moon sign, on the contrary, mainly describes the inner emotions and needs of a person. If the sun sign means an external manifestation, the moon sign refers to an inner need. In simple terms, it is a manifestation of his emotions.


The moon sign describes how a person prefers to get along with others. For example, when the moon falls in Sagittarius, Leo and Aries or other fire signs, the corresponding person prefers a warm and outgoing way of getting along;


When the moon falls in water signs like Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer, people born in this time like to get along with others in a soft and introverted way.


Furthermore, the moon sign can also describe the self-defense pattern that we use to protect ourselves. Therefore, it is very useful to use our moon sign calculator to find our moon sign, interpret the meanings and learn more about ourselves.


What Is The Ascendant?

What does ascending mean? The rising sign is the mask you wear to protect your true nature, the first impression you make on others, and the image you try to present to the world.

It is different from the Sun sign that dominates your personality traits or the Moon sign that represents your inner needs and attitudes.


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To be detailed, the ascendant is the starting point of the first house of the natal chart.


It represents the exact angle of the zodiac sign that appears on the eastern horizon when a person is born. It's like the beginning of a prologue, where his life opens up in his way.


Therefore, the ascendant not only represents the way you perceive the world and the answer it will give you, but it also tells you how you are going to experience this life.


The Ascendant is like a mask you put on to protect your true nature, a first impression of who you are to others and what you intend to be in the world. In a way, the rising sign is exactly what you're trying to achieve in life.



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