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Technological advancements in the development of air robots have transformed many sectors across the world, and Europe is no exception. Be it remote sensing, disaster relief or construction, the unnamed aerial vehicles are assisting enterprises in carrying critical missions throughout the year. However, the pervasiveness of air robots has put the security systems at jeopardy, especially in complex environments.

The usage of aerial vehicles was earlier restricted to authentic procedures, which is not the case anymore. Nowadays, air robots are easily available in the market at a cheap price, and external sources are using them for malicious activities with the integration of cameras, weapons, explosives, etc.

At this point of time, certain companies across the European region are pondering on the need for using countermeasures to protect critical sites from unverified air robots. This is where anti-air robot technology, offered by French company CerbAir, comes into play. The start-up has designed end-to-end solutions to counter the potential threat of aerial vehicles.  

Backed by some of the top experts in the market, CerbAir ensures comprehensive airspace security by thwarting any possible disturbance caused by air robots. Recently funded by global investment firm Boundary Holding, led by Rajat Khare, the firm was shortlisted in January, 2020 to provide anti-air robot solutions for the Olympic Games in 2024. It is capable of detecting intimidations and eliminating the same for its clients with holistic countermeasures.  

Nowadays, it is important to come up with modern solutions for modern problems. Although it is quite challenging to track the air robots, there is no reason why this technology cannot be kept in check, especially with the recent advancements. This is where the role of anti-air robot technology will be significant going forward.  

Further development of aerial robots can be ensured by mitigating the negative impacts and accounting for the risk factors. Thus, the evolution of such technology will most certainly continue in the long run.


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