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Eyelash extensions sound like a dream come true: a semi-permanent method that allows you to have fluttery, rich lashes without lifting a finger. Please, yes. Yet, there have been numerous reports of people who received lash extensions and ended up with destroyed natural lashes. Many are turning their backs on the lash industry, wondering if it’s true that lash extensions destroy your eyelashes. If you searching for Eyelash Extensions for sale in the United Kingdom check out our website!

The truth is that you don’t have to be concerned about whether or not lash extensions will damage your natural lashes. Nonetheless, you should be cautious about who you see for lash extensions. Those photographs of people with short, stubby lashes that they claim were caused by lash extensions? They are the result of untrained lash technicians making blunders during the application process.

You won’t have to worry about whether lash extensions will damage your eyelashes if you consult a qualified lash technician. Professional lash specialists have the knowledge and experience to ensure that you receive all of the benefits of lash extensions without causing harm to your natural lashes. Looking for eyelash extensions for sale? Click here.

Why Eyelash Extensions Don’t Ruin Your Eyelashes?

It is a fallacy that lash extensions damage your lashes. When applying for lash extensions, it is important to attach them to your natural lashes, and they typically fall off after a few weeks. Your eyelashes grow to a specific length and then fall off once they’ve reached their maximum length. It’s why we never have to cut our eyelashes to keep them at a healthy length; nature does it for us.

Lash extensions are applied one lash at a time, one to one natural lash. Your lash extensions will fall out when your natural lashes fall out. Respecting your lashes’ natural growth cycle is one of the principles that lash technicians learn. You won’t have to worry about harm to your natural lashes or their growth cycle as long as a professional technician does so and attaches the lash extensions correctly. We have different types of eyelash extensions for sale that will not ruin your natural lashes.

3 Simple Mistakes that May Destroy Your Eyelashes!

Sadly, lash professionals can make blunders that will damage your natural lashes. These are the reasons why individuals think lash extensions destroy your eyelashes. They are frequent among lash technicians with insufficient experience or training. A lash technician who has received proper training and a licence will understand how to avoid these blunders and maintain the quality of your natural lashes.

1. The Extensions are too Bulky for Your Natural Lashes

People’s lash thicknesses and lengths vary naturally. If your lash extensions are too hefty for your natural lashes to support, your lashes may shed prematurely, disrupting their regular development cycle. In other words, too-heavy lash extensions might cause your natural lashes to grow back thinner, resulting in natural lash loss. Buy eyelash extensions for sale that are not too bulky for your natural lashes from us!

A skilled lash specialist will work with you and your natural lashes to create a style that will complement your face and complement your natural lashes. They will evaluate what your natural lashes can withstand to ensure that lash extensions accomplish exactly what they are supposed to do: stretch your natural lashes without butchering them.

2. Lashes that are Glued Together

When two or more lashes and/or extensions are glued together, it might harm your lashes by pulling on them unnaturally. Stickies are another name for these. When you use stickies, your natural lashes can pull out the lashes that were adhered to them, causing hair follicle damage. This might result in damaged natural lashes. This is one of the reasons why some think lash extensions harm your eyelashes. Quality and affordability — our eyelash extensions for sale are the best of both worlds.

This is a regular issue with inexperienced lash technicians. Moreover, to avoid stickies and to avoid clumps of lashes and/or extensions that are glued together, a professional lash technician will guarantee that one lash extension has adhered to one natural hair.

3. Lash Extensions Glued to the Skin

Another sad reason why many think lash extensions harm your eyelashes is that they went to an untrained lash specialist who bonded lash extensions to their lash line’s skin rather than their natural lashes. This should never, ever occur. Lash extensions should never be put on your skin, only on your lashes.

This is due to the glue’s tendency to pull off newly growing natural lashes as well as clog your hair follicle. This can also irritate the skin and lead to problems other than damaged natural lashes, such as dermatitis. 

Final Thoughts

“Are eyelash extensions bad?” we’re frequently asked. We always respond that eyelash extensions do not harm natural lashes when performed correctly. They simply lengthen your natural lashes. Ladies adore eyelash extensions because they give their eyes a long, gorgeous, and youthful appearance.

Lastly, Lash extensions are one of the best ways to make your eyes appear younger by adding length to your lashes. If you have a fatigued appearance, you can also make them darker naturally. You can get premium quality eyelash extensions for sale from us, check out now!

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