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It's important to realized that no everyone with diabetes is at the same risk MarineD3 Review  of kidney disease or kidney failure. This long term complication of diabetes seems to be more prevalent in certain families and among certain racial groups – especially African Americans, Mexican Americans and Native Americans.

 It's also much more common when high blood pressure is present. While it's commonly thought that the major reason for kidney disease is the increased levels of blood glucose, it's important to note that only about half of the people who have done a poor job controlling their blood sugar level actually develop kidney disease. A 50-50 chance? I don't know about you, but I don't like those odds. All the more reason to carefully monitor your blood glucose level on a regular basis.

It really isn't any wonder that those with diabetes don't know the reason behind long term complications. Doctors aren't even aware of the reasons! Of course there are a boat load of theories, with many of them based on studies on animals over the years. The most common theory when it comes to some of the more common long term complications of diabetes like kidney disease, eye disease and nerve disease is that several years of high blood glucose that initiates them.



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