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Can Pre-School happen online?

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“Technology is best when it brings people together,” said American entrepreneur Matt Mullenweg. While it might be true that social media helps connect people across the world, it also affects the social life of people to a great extent. Of course, a child can avoid getting hit by a teacher. (Yes, physical abuse still takes place in schools) but the child gets hit badly in other aspects of schools near Kanakapura Road life. This can make a completely online-based schooling process not all that desirable.

Many youngsters these days prefer texting over calling and calling over the meeting. The ability to be physically present in front of a person and to communicate with them is reducing. Any child at the beginning of their schooling cannot easily comprehend the concept of meeting and spending most of their day with strangers. This process becomes more difficult especially if they have never met these strangers and see them as virtual faces on a phone screen.

A child is meant to run around and play. To have fun and learn in the process! This is the concept employed at pre-schools. Children at this age develop their motor skills, and best schools in JP Nagar serve as a conducive environment for the same.

What are motor skills?

Simply put, skills are related to motion and movement.

There are two kinds of motor skills:

Gross motor skills: Motor skills that are developed during childhood through play and physical activity. Eg. Walking, running, etc.

Fine motor skills: It is the ability to make movements using the smaller muscles of the limbs like our palms and wrists. Eg. Drawing, writing, weaving, etc.

If this process happens online, the child definitely misses out on utilizing much of its energy and playful childhood experiences. Instead of discovering its surroundings and meeting new people, the child explores the screen and communicates to people over a phone call. Most of the fun is taken out of learning.

While e-learning might have its advantages, it is of the utmost importance to pay attention to these aspects of life at the early stages of the development of a child’ electronic city phase 1 schools.



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