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How effective is stem cell therapy for erectile disfunction be effective? Are clinical outcomes available? If yes what evidence do they provide? We discuss some research-based insights into stem cell therapy in treatments for erectile disorders, and discuss a successful story about one patient treated for ED at the ANOVA Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

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What are the causes for Erectile Dysfunction?

There are a variety of possible causes of ED. There are psychogenic and organic reasons for ED.

Organic ED may be due to physical injury caused by surgery (e.g. prostate surgery) or when a patient has diabetes, hypertension, or is suffering from cardiovascular illness. Therefore organic ED can be classified into these categories:

  • Vascular or vasculogenic reasons damage to vessels, or a worsening of their condition because of age-related changes could result in ED
  • Causes of neurogenic origin – peripheral nerve damage (often diagnosed in patients with men with diabetes mellitus as well as following surgical removal of their prostate) can lead to ED
  • Certain diseases can cause a decline the production of testosterone, which leads to ED
  • Penile causes – Penile diseases such as Peyronie's Disease are the cause of ED

Psychological issues can result in impairment of erectile function and are classified into the psychogenic category. If the impotence that is occurring is generalized, the individual isn't able to perform sexual stimulation. The reason for this could be anxiety, depression or any other mental illness. It is also possible to have a situational psychogenic ED which is caused by a partner or the situation.

What medical treatments are currently available to treat Erectile Dysfunction?

As we've mentioned before there are a variety of reasons for ED and each one requires the use of a different treatment.

If there is a emotional or hormonal reasons, medications are common. In these instances the root cause of the imbalance is treated during treatment, with the expectation that ED will go away when the cause is removed.

The most current treatment options for the treatment of vascular ED include drugs such as PDE5 inhibitors (commonly called”the “blue pill” you can take prior to sexual activity). Other options for treatment include injections, or implanted peniles.

If physical injuries are the root of impotence the only method to recover sexual functioning is to address the root of the physical issue. It is however contingent on injury, and is typically not very effective.

The majority of the remedies that are available currently come with the drawback of only delivering a symptomatic result. When it comes to injections or penile implants, this procedure is also perilous and may be caused by adverse negative side negative effects. That's why physicians and patients are looking for a solution to restore sexual function without causing severe negative side effects or time limitations.

What are the ways Stem Cells aid in treating Erectile Dysfunction?

The regenerative capabilities of stem cells have been recognized for some time. When they were first discovered, researchers and doctors from every discipline have been trying to harness stem cells for various causes.

When it comes to urology and in particular erectile dysfunction these effects could be achieved through the release of growth factors and cytokines into blood stream, along with the transfer of these factors into the major pelvic ganglia and cell differentiation 1..

Stem cells have the capability of stimulating the regeneration of penile tissues, as well as the nerves and blood vessels that are located in the region. Stem cells have the potential to be long-term therapeutic effect but not a any symptomatic or palliative effect. They could help to prevent ED or aid in restoring sexual function after injuries to the region. But they don't assist in the way that medications such as Viagra can.

What is an Stem Cell Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction look like?

Mesenchymal stem cell (MSCs) are the most widely used types of cell in the field of urology, however, the most commonly used technique of stem cells transfer to treat ED treatment is through direct injection1.

Most often, several treatments are required within a couple of months to see the desired results. If required, the treatment may be repeated periodically over the course of several years.

New developments are being made in Stem Cell Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Since direct injections are uncomfortable and may be accompanied by possible (though moderate) adverse negative effects, there's the possibility of inject to stem cells, or the secretome. The secretome of stem cells is the totality of all components excreted by stem cells, such as exosomes and growth factors as well as cytokines.

The benefit of this kind of treatment is that the chance of adverse effects is extremely small, while the efficiency is believed to be comparable.

Learn more about the capabilities of exosomes, and find out what they do here.

How Much Is Stem Cell Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction Cost?

It could be stated that cost of stem cell treatments for ED will vary greatly due to the specific needs of each patient and the kind of treatment he's searching for.

The source of stem cells, for example is a major factor in the cost. If stem cells are derived from bone the marrow prices are usually lower than when they originate directly from mesenchymal stem cells.

Another aspect that can greatly impact cost is the treatment plan. Many clinics provide single injections that cost less, but are not as effective as procedures that need multiple sessions.

It can also be claimed that the price is usually determined by the guidelines and safety standards at the facility. When a country is strictly controlled, cost is usually higher since the clinic must maintain certain standards of quality of the product. This is the reason why stem cell treatments in Asian nations like Thailand or India or Middle as well as South American Counties like Mexico generally cost less than those in European Countries in which the safety of the product is an crucial aspect of the treatment.

In the US an average price for an individual stem cell injection may vary in the range of 2.000 and 12.000 USD


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