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Peripheral neuropathy is a condition that arises when the peripheral nervous system is compromised. Peripheral nervous system (PNS): The peripheral nervous system is responsible for transmitting information from and to your brain and spinal cord (central nervous system). Peripheral neuropathy can be caused by a variety of factors, including accidents, infections, and exposure to chemicals, but it is most usually caused by diabetes. Diabetic neuropathy is the term used to describe this condition.

Recent research has demonstrated that mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) offer potential in the treatment of diabetic neuropathy (DN). It has been revealed that MSC treatment can alleviate the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy, which may be owing to the vital function MSCs play in mending tissue and lowering blood glucose levels, among other things. The role that MSCs play in regeneration may also hold promise for treating other types of peripheral neuropathy in the future.


There is currently no known cure for diabetic neuropathy. Diffuse neuropathy (DN) is only treated with the purpose of delaying the progression of the disease, reducing pain, controlling consequences, and, where possible, restoring functionality. Anti-seizure medications, which help to relieve nerve pain, and antidepressants, which also help to alleviate the pain, are currently available as treatments.


In order to properly treat DN, neurotrophic (related to nerve tissue growth) or angiogenic (related to the formation of new blood vessels) substances must be introduced into the patient's system. MSCs produce neurotrophic factors, angiogenic factors, cytokines, and immunomodulatory substances in a paracrine manner (cell-to-cell communication) to alleviate the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy or to halt the progression of the disease.


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