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The answer is yes, of course! Why not? Some people mistakenly believe that Thai massage is a mandatory sequence of massive stretching. This is simply not true.

Primary massage therapy in Dubai includes many methods of treating the legs, feet, arms, hands, neck, and head. All this can be done in pregnant women quite easily, without even touching the abdomen.

I remember a nine-month-old pregnant woman who really wanted a session. I worked a little on it in a lateral position with a pillow under my outstretched abdomen, mostly working on my legs Spa Massage Center Deira. I then supported her upper body with a variety of pillows at a 45-degree angle and worked on her neck, shoulders, head, and face. She liked her very much.

Otherwise, I was invited to the birthday party of my friend, who was eight months pregnant. I offered him a massage as a birthday present. She chose a foot massage because her legs hurt. After 30 minutes, he rejoined the party and felt much better.

There is no reason to be afraid to work with pregnant women. In my experience, they are very in tune with their bodies and quite intuitively assess what works for them. Every time you ask them what is good and what is not, they will tell you. Let them guide you during the massage. They will be happy to tell you what is best for them.

If a woman is only a few months pregnant, you can often use many Thai massage techniques. If you are very pregnant, common sense dictates that you cannot perform intense methods of stretching or pressure on the upper body. Thai massage is not just a series of stretch marks. There are many techniques that work on the muscles without any stretching. They can be made quite gently by kneading, unrolling, rocking, and squeezing.

Thai massage has a reputation for everything related to stretching. The fact is that it is possible to do a full two-hour session without doing any stretching.

Western therapists tend to work with more stretch marks, while therapists in Dubai actually do much more muscle manipulation with fewer stretch marks. I did countless sessions that involved very little stretching.

You can still offer a wonderful Thai foot, side, and arm or neck, head, and face massage to a pregnant woman, no matter how far along she is. Depending on the progress of your pregnancy, you can often treat your back, thighs, and shoulders in a lateral position quite effectively.

Although Thai massage is not contraindicated for pregnant women, it is unquestionably a job best left to a skilled practitioner with a wide range of stretching techniques. If you want to work directly on the torso and middle part of a very pregnant woman, it is probably best to do it with an oil massage. In all other cases, Thai massage can be used effectively if the therapist has the appropriate skills and experience. Combining it with an oil massage can also be a great way to work for pregnant women. Best Indian Massage in Deira Dubai

Thai massage and yoga are closely related. There are many yoga classes designed specifically for pregnant women. Stretching yoga and exercises can make pregnancy and childbirth much smoother and painless. It logically follows that Thai massage can be equally useful for pregnancy.


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