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Conventional activated carbon can be used to judge the iodine value and quality by simple test. However, due to the particularity of honeycomb activated carbon, the conventional test method can not be used on the honeycomb activated carbon, which makes the iodine value of honeycomb activated carbon covered with a layer of mystery.

The market cellular activated carbon manufacturers basically claim that the iodine value of the honeycomb activated carbon produced by themselves is 700-800 or more, but can it be achieved?

It is necessary for the honeycomb activated carbon manufacturer to mention the production link of honeycomb activated carbon. The raw materials of honeycomb activated carbon are similar to those of powdered activated carbon. coal pellet activated carbon Therefore, both of them belong to coal to activated carbon. However, the process of honeycomb activated carbon is different from that of conventional activated carbon. The processing process is more complex, and even different adsorption materials, water resistant materials and bonding materials are added The additive of.

Therefore, the raw materials with the same iodine value, the burned powdered activated carbon can achieve 800 iodine value because there is no other added component, so the iodine value of the powder activated carbon can reach 800. In addition to the complicated processing process, the honeycomb activated carbon needs the aid of additives to ensure the expected adsorption effect of the honeycomb activated carbon, but the corresponding limit will be limited to a certain extent The iodine value of honeycomb activated carbon can only reach 500-600, which is difficult to maintain the standard of raw materials.

Generally speaking, the iodine value of conventional honeycomb activated carbon is about 500-600, of course, the iodine value of honeycomb activated carbon can also reach 800, and the requirements for raw materials are also high, which results in the higher price of such honeycomb activated carbon than that on the market.

There are also some cheap honeycomb activated carbon with low price. Although the price of low iodine is very low, the products still have a lot of cracks and defects, and the quality is worrying. After all, there is an old saying in China, “one price and one commodity”. https://www.activated-carbon-pellets.com The air purification activated carbon industry is the reason.


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