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Human dependence on the World Wide Web is growing rapidly. We are used to transmitting important information using generally accepted wireless communication standards, including WiFi, Bluetooth, 5G and other wireless frequencies. At the same time, without fear that it can easily be stolen. Radio channels that are used in wireless data transmission are easily hacked by hackers. To protect against this, a wifi jammer or “wifi stopper” was invented.

Even if you are not the owner of multi-million dollar corporation, the idea of providing someone else a full access to your personal information in social media is terrible. Having the required equipment, which you can now easily buy online, even a pupil can easily get any passwords, bank card numbers and other information.

The benefits of using signal jammers

The wifi signal blocker uses in its work a range of frequencies that can jam most of spy gadgets. In addition to data protection, the wireless wifi signal jammer is used in such cases:

Ensuring the operation of medical equipment. The radio signal may interfere with normal operation. Therefore, in hospitals, you can often find this kind of device;

Protection from competitors. For big companies, this has long been a necessary measure. Wifi jammers not only protect the communications over the internet, they also block radio frequencies which are used by spy equipment. For example, hidden security cameras, bugs etc;

Prohibition of access to the Internet while studying. Schools often use wife signal jammers to shut off students' network access during classes so they don't get distracted. Also, this technique contributes to the conduct of fair examinations and tests; – security. They are installed in the underground to protect against terrorism. Thanks to the wifi scrambler, the bomb cannot be activated remotely.

Wi-Fi frequency jammer is used in places where the operation of any data transmission devices is undesirable. It is easy to use and is capable of blocking Bluetooth, WiFi and 5G communication standards.

There are also some drones and UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) controlled via 2.4G signals which might be also used to spy on you. Though most part of those robots are operated with the help of remote controls, so to be absolutely sure that no spy drone will be used for surveillance on your private meetings, business operations or any other events of your life, you need to use Remote Control Jammers.




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