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I remember the days when computers were bulky and heavy pieces of furniture that had to be covered at night with a plastic screen. This was mostly due to the sheer size of internal components and the use of various peripherals like floppy disk readers, optic units, and heavy mechanical drives.

For years, having a high-end PC for gaming meant buying a full-tower case with enough space to fit gigantic motherboards with 4 or more PCI ports for graphics cards, sound cards, network cards, and other quality-of-life peripherals. The power needed to fuel these things was immense too, and the heat and noise were overbearing.

Fortunately for us, technology follows Moore's Law to the letter. Computer components double their speed and performance every two years or so. This means that they can become smaller and more efficient while dishing out double the juice as their predecessors.

Today, standard ATX motherboards come with all the ports you will ever need and then some. However, they are rather big, and most components today are designed for more restricted spaces, so having a full-size ATX board feels like overkill in most situations.

This means we entered the era of Micro ATX boards. These mATX mainboards are square-shaped boards that pack some serious punch. Most of them have 2 or 4 RAM slots, and many have enough expansion slots for housing dual GPUs and other peripherals. In the I/O category, they provide enough ports to get by, and mATX boards can feed even the most power-hungry processors.

Moreover, peripherals have also been miniaturized, and optical or magnetic storage units are increasingly rare. For example, NVMe SSD storage units are the size of a stick of chewing gum and are installed directly into a PCI card slot, allowing for blistering data transfer speeds without taking up any space inside your computer case.

What this all means is that you no longer need a full tower desktop computer in order to build a high-end computer. Everything you need to hit top FPS rates can be contained inside a mid-tower case, and you will still have space to spare. Even if your plan is to overclock your components, mid-tower cases still offer plenty of cooling real estate and cable management options for optimal airflow.

Mid-tower cases also provide a lot more aesthetic value. When furnished with tempered glass panels, they look incredible when lit. And specialized gaming PC builders like CLX Gaming offer amazing customization options which include professional paint jobs for enhanced look and feel. Moreover, they even offer overclocking services to make sure you get the most out of your components while guaranteeing system stability and enhanced performance.

CLX: A Company That Knows Gaming
CLX Gaming is a system integrator company dedicated exclusively to the gaming crowd. Their online gaming PC builder allows you to choose the components that will take your gaming to the next level. They are put together and tuned up by real gamers, making sure your components fit perfectly and work in tandem to offer a superior gaming experience. Moreover, they can install components even in constrained environments, making it possible to have a high-end, future-proof rig inside a mid-tower case that looks amazing. You can get dual graphics card configurations with complex and eye-catching liquid cooling systems that allow you to push your system to the limit without breaking a sweat.

Visit their custom PC builder and take a look at their robust selection of components and customization options. Start building the gaming PC of your dreams today.

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