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Can you get insurance for your pet? Here’s all you need to know

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In the UAE, pet owners are able to avail cost-effective treatment for their four-legged friends- dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, aged between 12 weeks and 10 years old-for an illness, injury, disease, or any symptom. Some insurance companies offer around AED 30,000, which generally covers hospitalization and surgery costs due to illness or accidents, outpatient treatment and consultation, and 3rd party personal injury or 3rd party damage. The insurance companies have contracts with some of the registered veterinarians of the UAE. 

Pet insurance online protects pet owners from unnecessary financial stress and strain. Thus, pet insurance means the protection of pets, while providing financial support to the pet owners. Pet owners need to buy pet insurance as it improves the overall wellbeing of the pets through the best medical offers, treatments, and services without having to worry about the cost. One of the major benefits associated with pet insurance include pet examination at least once a year by UAE-registered and qualified professionals, so that they can be looked after well. Availing pet insurance online is easy for pet owners and quite affordable too. The right insurance broker can help you discover the best plan suited to your requirements. 

Why pet insurance is a key aspect to consider nowadays 

Over the years, pet costs have escalated significantly, and with that, the demand for pet insurance has risen as well. A number of insurance companies cover emergency care and sickness, while providing direct billing at more than 10 vet clinics on their network across the UAE, as well as 20% of co-payment. Most of the insurance companies cover more than 350 breeds of dogs, which include both pure-breed dogs, and mixed breed dogs, along with a broad range of cat breeds. Their plans provide options for paying annual or monthly premium amounts to the pet owners. While taking care of regular vet visits, the insurance companies also cover the expenses of sudden accidents or injuries, reward for a missing pet, advertisement for a missing pet, along with the cost of humane euthanasia recommended by vets. 

Pet care statistics in the UAE indicate that most of the pet owners are required to shell out at least Dh 1000 when their pets are sick and require medical intervention. It has also been estimated that emergency vet bills may as well be as high as DH900 and DH1000. Pet owners always look forward to providing the best medical care for their pets, just as they would do for the health of their family. Affordable pet insurance restores the peace of mind of the owners. Therefore, the insurance companies design their plans as an affordable and convenient solution, offering flexibility, higher insurance limit, and direct billing options along with several other benefits. You will be able to get a lowdown on the best plans available by reaching out to reputed insurance brokers in this regard. 

Why you should buy pet insurance at the earliest 

Many insurance brokers have digital platforms, where you can find more information about these insurance plans. The pet insurance plans have been worked out systematically by the insurance providers, and are priced in a manner which is a win-win situation for all. The insurance cost, however, differs generally in terms of the breed, age, size and species of the animal. It is imperative for the pet owners to know what is on offer before availing a plan. Most of the insurance companies offer different packages with a 20% co-insurance pay. The pet owners are able to fill out all the details about their pets at their brokers, in order to get options for diverse premiums and packages for pets aged between 8 weeks to 10 years old. Pet owners are also able to read documents and go through the fine print to comprehend details on inclusions and exclusions for the packages they have chosen. Prices are calculated on the basis of the pet’s age, gender, breed, and so on. 

In order to avail pet insurance online, there are certain pre-requirements that pet owners need to consider. The pet must have an owner with a valid Emirates ID or a resident Visa in the UAE. To qualify for insurance, the pet must not be below the age of 8 weeks, and must not exceed the age of 10 years either. The ongoing cover of a pet will cease to be valid as soon as they turn 11 years old. In order to be eligible for the cover, the pets must be vaccinated and micro-chipped, along with getting an annual dental checkup.  The insurance claim of the pets is active from the first day of the cover, however, in case of new pet insurance, the pet owner would not be able to make a claim before 14 days from the start of the policy, or the first 48 hours in case of an accident after the issue date. Pre-existing and hereditary conditions are not covered in pet insurance plans. All expenses are covered by the pet insurance policy, which comprises examinations, consultation fees, nursing and medical costs, and diagnostic screening costs. 

Pet owners need to consider the benefits associated with insuring their pets, and it is one of the best ways to ensure their own financial security. Pets need good health care facilities as much as humans and one of the best ways to ensure high-quality treatment for pets is through pet insurance policies. Even though it is a whole new concept in UAE, yet a lot of pet owners have already availed pet insurance plans for their furry friends. It relieves them from financial stress while enabling them to provide the best possible care to their pets from registered vets across the UAE. 

Overall, it uplifts the quality of life of the pet itself. The high veterinary costs in the UAE are among many other reasons why more pet parents are availing the option of pet insurance. However, it is important for insurance companies in the UAE to cover pets other than dogs and cats. Since pets are more prone to accidental injuries, pet insurance policies are believed to be a great option for pet owners. It is equivalent to health insurance, protecting owners against unexpected hospital bills, while providing care and treatment for the furry members of the family. You should talk to your insurance broker today for more details on pet insurance policies.


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