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Can you improve rankings for old content?

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When pages on your website have stopped reaching their full potential and no longer get rankings and traffic for your site even through effective SEO in Sri Lanka, these pages are considered to be “stagnated content”. While many people remove such pages, what most do not realise is that there are also other ways to “fix” stagnated or old content, according to international SEO consultants, so that they start performing again, creating leads and bringing in traffic for your site.


So how do you do it? What can you do to improve rankings for old content? Here are some tips:

  1. Update title tags and meta descriptions: Meta information is still a vital part of optimizing your content to gain higher rankings. You can update meta information by making them keyword rich and more engaging, in order to get better rankings for those stagnated pages.
  2. Improve the page content: If the content on the page did not get any rankings, then you need to consider changing or updating the content. By enhancing the content with images, videos etc you will be able to get better rankings and thereby improved traffic to your site.
  3. Improve page loading speed: Since content is not the only determining factor for rankings, it could also be that you have great content, but are still not getting the rankings you want. Another issue that could be missed is the page loading If the page is slow to load then it will not rank high on search engine results.
  4. Enhanced user experience: Another factor that is often overlooked is user experience. If users do not interact well with your website page, then those pages will not rank high. Hence it is important to check the metric such as average time on page, dwell time and bounce rate, and make the necessary enhancements to how your users experience your website when they visit it.
  5. Keyword cannibalization: Keyword cannibalization occurs when several pages on the same site are competing for the same keyword. This could also be a factor for rankings, and hence it is important to check and fix any keyword cannibalization issues.
  6. Backlinks: Getting high authority backlinks is an important ranking factor in SEO. By getting quality backlinks from high authority sites, you will be able to rank stagnated pages on search engine results.
  7. Internal linking: Since backlinks can take some time to show results, a quicker strategy that should not be forgotten is internal linking. Strategic internal links can enhance rankings by improving bounce rate and by making it easier for search engine crawlers to locate and index your site.


When getting SEO services through a specialist, check with them if these types of activities can be added to the SEO packages in Sri Lanka which they offer you.


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