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Can You Undergo Both Knee Joint Replacement Surgeries at a Time?

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What is Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery?


A large number of people suffer from painful knee conditions due to different diseases such as arthritis. It prevents patients from following normal routines and engaging in physical activities. Knee replacement surgery can provide relief and help people live better lives with less pain.


Bilateral knee replacement surgery is advised by doctors if you are dealing with painful conditions in both of your knees. In this procedure, both knees are replaced at once and on the same day.


Bilateral knee replacements are of two types: Simultaneous Bilateral Total Knee Replacement and Staged Bilateral Total Knee Replacement. The former is discussed already. The staged procedure effectively means that knee replacements are distinguished as two separate surgical events. In most cases, knee surgeries are performed few weeks apart.


It is important to consult an expert before deciding which knee surgery type is best for you.

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Who Needs Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery?

Patients with the following symptoms will find help with bilateral knee replacement surgery:

  • Severe arthritis
  • Intense Pain that interferes with daily activities
  • Stiffness
  • Reduced quality of life due to pain
  • Worsening pain with standing, weight bearing and walking


Significant deformity

It is important to note that doctors will generally advise non-surgical options such as medications, physical therapy sessions, weight loss and steroid injections to help patients with knee problems. When these options are exhausted, surgery is recommended.


Pros and Cons of Double Knee Replacement

Pros or benefits of bilateral knee replacement are listed below.

Saves Time

Patients who undergo bilateral or double knee replacement can save time as less recovery period of both knees is covered. It will help patients to get back to work as soon as possible.


Doctors suggest that patients who do desk jobs can easily return to work in 4 to 6 weeks’ post-surgery. Two separate knee surgeries would mean 8 to 12 weeks of leave.


Less Hospital Stay Duration

Opting for double knee joint replacement means less hospital stay duration for patients. Usually, a single knee replacement surgery patient will have to spend 3 — 5 days at a hospital. And if the patient chooses the next knee replacement surgery post 6 months, 3 — 5 more days will be required for the hospital stay. In a single sitting bilateral knee replacement, hospital stay is 4 – 6 days.


Less Time Doing Physical Therapy


People undergoing knee replacement surgeries usually attend physical therapy sessions twice or more a week for two months or more. Choosing double knee replacement surgery can rehabilitate both knees within this period. However, that’s not the case with staged bilateral knee replacement surgeries.


Besides the discussed advantages, patients can recover and get back to a normal routine with double knee replacement surgery. With single knee surgery, patients will only recover to undergo other knee surgery. 


Reduced cost

Since the total hospital stay is reduced and the medications used are the same whether single or bilateral knee replacement is done, the overall cost of the surgery is reduced by about 10 % compared to staged bilateral knee replacement.

Some of the cons of knee replacement are listed below.


  • Excessive Blood Loss
  • Complications
  • Prolonged anaesthesia time
  • No legs to stand
  • Particularly difficult to climb stairs for first 1 – 2 months


Patients often ask the question – can you walk after a double knee replacement? Of course, walking is part of the recovery plan. However, always follow the advice of the doctor before engaging in any activity.


Bilateral Knee Replacement Recovery Tips

Whether it is safe to perform single stage bilateral knee replacement or staged bilateral knee replacement should be decided by the surgeon. The doctor takes various factors into consideration before making the final decision such as:


  • Age of the patient
  • Severity of arthritis in both the knees
  • Presence of deformity
  • Obesity or BMI of the patient
  • Cardiac status of the patient
  • Haemoglobin levels


Here are the top 5 recovery bilateral knee replacement recovery tips:


  1. Strictly follow the post-operative instructions shared by the doctor
  2. Attend physical therapy sessions at regular intervals without fail
  3. Increase physical activity gradually
  4. Avoid high-impact activities for the first three months
  5. Consult the doctor immediately in case of any worries


Finally to answer the question: Can we undergo bilateral knee replacement in a single sitting: the answer is yes, but only after careful consideration and discussion with your surgeon. When in doubt, it is definitely safer to perform staged bilateral knee replacement, giving a gap of few weeks between the two surgeries.


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