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The article discusses the government policy of wearing a military hat in the armed forces. Most importantly, the rule states that one should not wear a beanie or headgear without shoving their hair under the hat.

This rule is understandable due to climatic changes. When the temperature goes up, someone may feel uncomfortably hot with long hair on their neck or back of their head. The US Department of Defense states that aiming to keep cool is what's most important so wearing some type of lower-cut cap proves useful in these cases.

Even if it’s cold out, someone should always be able to dig out another type of headgear that will cover all their hair and protect them from the weather. This may be the case if you're going out in a winter environment.

Other ways to protect yourself are the following:

Face coverings.

Rain gear.

Dress in layers.

Warm, light-colored clothes.

Thermal underwear.

Rain boots.


It is advised that you use common sense to protect yourself from the elements. In case of emergency, contact your local emergency services.

This article is provided by the Department of Defense as part of the Suicide Awareness Program.


The article discusses the reason for keeping your hair short.

What Is Military Fashion?

The rules are you're not supposed to wear anything with writing on it. Be happy, if the beanie you want has a logo that people can't see, then you can wear it.

Anonymous U.S. Military Personnel

You could also go for an inconspicuous long winter coat

Anonymous U.S. Military personnel

Beanies are deemed as unacceptable headwear since they prevent soldiers from wearing their Kevlar helmet effectively and might interfere with the parachute harness. As for other head coverings, military establishments tend to be lenient, though last year's aviator cap controversy put restrictions on that particular piece of clothing's use among the US forces.

One thing is clear, if you're going to wear a beanie, you're going to have to cover your head. There is nothing worse than having your head covered and not being able to see where you're going. This can be especially dangerous if you are a soldier or a civilian who works in an office environment.

For military personnel, there are a few ways to make sure that you do not have any trouble with your head gear. The first is to make sure that your hair is short and covered with your hat. The second is to wear a Kevlar helmet. The third is to wear the correct clothing


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