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Craft beer in cans is becoming a popular phenomenon. In the past, canned craft beer was only available from small regional breweries, and most beer such as Habesha Beer, came in bottles, albeit with artistic and creative labels. Now, even big-name craft brewers are getting into the can game and it's not hard to see why. Cans provide an air-tight seal that protects your precious brew from unwanted light or oxygen exposure which can cause unfavourable flavours or aromas to form over time. Plus, cans are easier to transport than bottles (no worries about broken glass) and they don't shatter upon impact like glass does, making them safer for both you and anyone who shares your love of good beer!

Craft beer cans themselves are very creative and colourful and eye catching, making them attractive to the buyer in addition to the draw that the flavoursome beverage has to offer. The cans are also easy to recycle and do not take up much space in your recycling bin, so you can drink as many of the tasty beverage as you like without worrying about filling up that valuable space.

Cans have been popular for a while now but recently they've seen an increase in popularity due to several factors including craft beer's inability to be shipped or stored at room temperature, which makes it difficult to distribute bottles around the country via trucking from brewery-to-brewery, unlike cans which can withstand temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit! The abundance of aluminium used is another factor that has contributed to their increased use by brewers; these days most breweries don't have time nor money left after investing into equipment and fermentation tanks.

There is no better place for craft beer in London, than in cans! The aluminium itself comes with some creativity too. There is simply nothing more appropriate than canned craft beers in this day and age!


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