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When working with the printer, you should always be prepared to battle with error codes. However, some of the codes that occur in Canon printer comes under common errors. And these common error codes can be resolved easily by yourself. You do not require professional help to resolve it. Just a few methods and instructions will be fine to fix it. Whether you work with a laser printer or inkjet printer, canon is the most recommended brand for you. And spotting an error may intimidate you, but just keep few things in mind on how to operate on little things. While several errors indicate different issues, few solutions can be applied to each of them. 

One of them suggests restarting your printer, as usually, it works. You can try it if you are out of options or do not have any technical knowledge. And the other one suggests cleaning out your printer. However, the cleaning process of your printer should be thorough, and most importantly you should be careful. Your printer contains sensitive mechanical parts inside it, which may get damaged if not taken care of properly. 

Those who are familiar with the process can attempt to clean the clogged ink, paper tray, or dust particles. And if you acquire a printer at your office or home, you should probably check in with fuser as well. As after being used for some time, it gets damaged or worn out. These parts are easier to handle, and people who find the process complicated should probably seek professional technical support. Here, in this blog, we have brought solutions to pull you out of this trouble. Before getting into solutions, we should find out about the reasons behind the error code e13. 

What does the error code e13 on a Canon printer symbolizes?

Canon printer calculates the number of pages printed with the coordination of page coverage. This process helps the printer to find out about the status of the cartridge that when does it need to be filled up. The printer displays the error code e13 when it struggles to recognize one or more cartridges. The printer will notify you by sending you the error code e13 on the LCD screen whenever it will run out of the cartridge. Along with error codes, you will face difficulty in completing your printing tasks. The error code will pop up whenever you will try to any documents or anything. Your printer will prevent you from scanning or printing any further documents to avoid physical damages. 

We have discussed how the error code happens, and where does it display to notify the user. But the main question is, why it happens. Well, to answer that, it happens when your printer’s cartridge is refilled or re-manufactured. In this case, the printer will notify you with an error message saying ‘empty immediately’ or ‘low’ sign. This error message means that the printer has limitations over cartridges, and cannot process the fresh ink any further. However, the printer will not be damaged due to this error code. 

You should know that the refilled cartridges are known as the clone of the original piece. And the original ones cannot be purchased by the authorized dealers, as they do not sell them. So, this means, if you are thinking of refilling it, then you should know that they are harmful to the printer. 

Note- Your printer is connected to the cartridge by using a bass ribbon, which is an important factor for the printer. In case (even if by accident) this ribbon gets stained with the black ink, then it will give up on the secure contact with the printer. 

What are the methods to apply to the error code e13 to resolve it?

Now that we have already discussed how and what causes the error code to occur in the canon printer. We should focus on the solutions to fix the problem from the root. Some errors are counted as minor ones and are easy to fix. Follow the step-by-step guide mentioned below to fix your problem instantly, such as:

  • Your first step is to turn on the printer, which is ‘switch on’ mode.
  • Then you should turn off the ink gauge, but keep in mind, do not click on the ‘cancel printing.’ 
  • Once it displays the error code on the LCD monitor, you need to press and hold the stop/reset button.
  • Now you need to repeat the second step mentioned above and then press and hold the power button too.
  • After attempting that, click and hold those suggested buttons for at least 6 seconds. And be in that position until the error code disappears.
  • Once you have done that, your printer will automatically turn off.
  • Now you need to wait for five seconds, then turn the printer back on.
  • When you have processed the above steps, the cartridge’s LED light will blink yellow color. 
  • After this, your printer will be fine and ready to run smoothly.

You should keep checking on the ink capacity of these printers within a definite time gap. Yes, indeed, the printer does not get deeply affected by the error code e13, but continuous usage of low cartridges and refilled ink can destroy the performance of the printer.

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