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Canon Pro 1000: Is It The Ultimate Printing Machine?

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Canon Pro 1000 is a 17” wide printer. This accepts different types of media by using two separate paper feeds that depend on the paper thickness. It is quite heavy for this printer to weigh 71lbs. Like all Canon Pro printers, it has replaceable print heads. This way, this will be easy8 to get service after the print head fails of Canon Pro 1000. It comes with twelve starter ink cartridges along with a closed print head should all be installed on setup. In this blog, I am going to tell you about the most amazing features that encourage you to buy this Canon Pro 1000. Learn and understand all the features that make the Canon Pro 1000 an ultimate printing pro machine in the industry.

Printing Quality

The printing quality of Canon Pro 1000 is simply outstanding. You will see the sharp details and smooth gradations. Colors would be full and vibrant as well. Canon Pro 1000 performance in two particular areas was just surprising. One was shadow depth, along with separation, which I consider the best feature of any printer. Even in the deepest shadows of the particular picture, you will see a really nice smoothness towards black that conserves the subtlest tonal variation. This will look even more impressive when you see this on fiber or matte-type papers. The second key area of Canon Pro 1000 is the amazing cool retention of reds and oranges. In the past, these have been one of the most known weaknesses of Canon printers. Black and white prints also show dense blacks, smooth shadow tonalities, and great highlight gradations, and these are so important for moving water, clouds, and reflections.

Paper Feeds

I feel so well to share with you all that the Canon Pro 1000 has given me what I have actually wanted from my printer. And this is a sheet feeder that actually worked well for me. The sheet feeder is the best option when you generally want to make one print at a time. For example, if you make a lot of fine art cards. And, if you wish to print ten to twenty of one card, the effective sheet feeder is very helpful. I never had this kind of positive results expe2rince with my other printers. But, Canon Pro 1000 prints beautifully. You just need to feed every card one by one. Otherwise, there might be a paper jam issue. If you do not print notecards but are able to load the Canon Pro 1000 with a dozen sheets of paper and then print them all without feeding issues. This way, you will probably experience positive results, and you will feel that Canon Pro 1000 is actually a time saver.


The Canon Pro 1000 uses 11 Lucia pro pigmented ink. This ink gives this printer a huge color gamut. Gamet tells us well how many colors our device can generally produce. And, and the bigger this would be, the more real your prints will look. The most important thing that you should know about this is that all the papers have a maximum gamut that they produce which is probably smaller than the printer’s gamut. And, so the better quality of the paper, the more you will get out of the Canon Pro 1000 benefits. One of the great features of the Canon Pro 1000 is the power to switch between matte black and photo black inks. This is super easy to use and saves a lot of time. This is one of those qualities that seem minor at first. But it really helps workflow and getting positive results, especially when you need to do a lot of printing jobs.

Paper Compatibility

The Canon Pro 1000 allows you to use different paper sizes. It can be a minimum of 3” x 5” and a maximum of 17” x 25.5”. Either you may use the default paper size, or you can create a custom paper size in the Canon Pro 1000 driver as long as they do not increase these limits. There also has the option to create borderless printing. You will just need to select the “borderless” option while selecting the paper size. This way can be useful. If in case you wish to maximize the size of your print. This would also be useful when you wish to have a particular borderless look in a few projects. 


In the blog above, we have discussed the important primary features of Canon Pro 1000 that encourage you to use it. Canon Pro 1000 is one of the amazing printers that produce beautiful prints and positive results all the time. That’s a good option for all of us. I would like to tell all those who want the quality of their photographs, both technically and aesthetically, that Canon Pro 1000 will make a greater difference than the other printer you use. And I have no hesitation in recommending the Canon Pro 1000 as an ultimate printing pro.

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