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Capture Your Special Day with the Best NYC Wedding Photographer

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Danila Mednikov Photography is here to transform your wedding dreams into cherished memories. Specializing in NYC wedding photography, our boutique photo & video company is based in the artistic enclave of Brooklyn, where creativity knows no bounds. With a passion for storytelling and an infusion of funky energy, we are dedicated to curating legendary photos and videos that stand the test of time.



Unveiling Love Through a Lens: NYC Wedding Photographer


When it comes to your big day, trust matters. Our team of experienced photographers, led by the visionary Danila Mednikov, understands the significance of every smile, every tear, and every stolen glance. As a premier NYC Wedding Photographer, we pride ourselves on our ability to encapsulate genuine emotions and fleeting moments in frames that tell your unique love story. From the grandeur of iconic cityscapes to the intimate details that make your union unique, we masterfully craft images that become timeless treasures.


A Glimpse into Our World: NYC Wedding Photography


We believe in more than just taking pictures. We believe in weaving narratives, creating visual poetry that speaks to the heart. Our NYC Wedding Photography is a fusion of artistry and authenticity, where every click of the shutter is an opportunity to freeze time and encapsulate the emotions that define your day. With an unwavering commitment to quality, we employ cutting-edge techniques and equipment to ensure your photos are spectacular.


Capturing Motion: Legendary Photo & Video Creations


Our passion for storytelling extends beyond photography. We are not merely NYC wedding photographers; we are visual storytellers who believe in the power of motion. Our boutique company offers seamless integration of legendary photo and video creations, enabling us to capture every dimension of your celebration. From the whispers to the dance floor frenzy, our team is adept at preserving the magic of your day through both the lens and the screen.





In the heart of Brooklyn, amidst the energy of New York City, Danila Mednikov Photography stands as a beacon of creativity and passion. As a boutique photo & video company, we are not just photographers – we are memory weavers, storytellers, and creators of art that resonates. When you choose us, you choose a commitment to excellence, a promise to capture your love in its purest form. Let's embark on this journey together, crafting legendary photos and videos that will forever adorn the tapestry of your love story.


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