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The world of automotive fasteners is a fascinating place with so many kinds, designs, types, and uses. The average car has a few thousand fastener units installed during production, which holds the vehicle together as well as provides easy de-installation if needed.

Automotive fasteners are among the best examples of lean supply chain management in the car industry. There are over 30,000 nuts, bolts, pins, springs, washers and clips in an average modern vehicle, and it would be insane to have billions of fasteners in stock in every factory in the world. 


In the interior, Mitsubishi Clips do the work of holding the door cards, dashboard, trim, and panels in place, but the material choice, construction, and requirements are usually a bit different. While metal fasteners are widely used on the outside of a vehicle, plastic is the top choice for interiors. There are several reasons for this decision. Firstly, since internal fasteners are not exposed to high forces, temperature or chemicals, plastic is a perfectly sound choice. Secondly, the fasteners used in the interior have to be a bit softer and have more play, so the interior feels more comfortable, plusher and isolated. The third reason, and it is the most important, is safety; in the unfortunate case of an accident, plastic fasteners can bend easily and help protect the occupants.


We can provide our customers with the latest technology, steady supply, and even more importantly, knowledgeable advice and know-how. It is not a  part but a partner for a well-built car. These car clips really understand the problems you are facing, They are ready to collaborate with you and to help you solve that problem. The range of fasteners and small parts we source, and supply includes a vast number of metal and plastic fasteners used in vehicle interiors and exteriors.



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