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Care Information For Neapolitan Mastiffs

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Neopolitan Mastiffs have physical limitations, and it's important to control their exercise to prevent causing stress to their joints and bones when they're still forming. Give them short-period free runs, play, and walks on a leash, and beware of the stairs. These clumsy puls may fall and get injured, so it's best to carry them and prevent them from running on stairs. Roughhousing/wrestling is discouraged, too. While it's cute when they're young, it will be the opposite when they grow up.

Jogging isn't for them, as they prefer curling up on couches. Still, a few moderate walks every day, but be sure to do it during cool mornings/evenings to accommodate their sensitivity to humidity and heat. Also, carry fresh drinking water and ensure they can rest somewhere cool. If there's a spa/pool nearby, don't let the Neopolitan Mastiff in it without supervision. As top-heavy dogs, they don't swim well. They aren't good at keeping their heads above the water.

If you have concerns about your pet's health and/or behaviour, make an appointment with your local veterinary hospital Meyerland, TX.


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