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Care Packages for Employees Who are Coming to Their First Day

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Well-chosen welcome care packages for employees can help your business make a solid first impression as an employer and welcome new team members. It establishes the tone for an enjoyable working environment and promotes the corporate wellness culture from the beginning.


Additionally, images of these gifts provide great content for promoting employer brands. When they post employee evaluations on Glassdoor, they might also include them as part of their testimonials or feedback.


There are multiple items you can consider adding to an employee welcome package, regardless of your spending limit. Let's look at some suggestions for welcome presents for new hires.


A handwritten note of welcome

The very first day of an employee could be made more personal by a handwritten welcome note. It is not required to be lengthy. It is sufficient to send a brief message expressing delight over the new hire. Another option is a postcard with a team photo and greetings from the other team members. Alternatively, it can be a note scrawled on the group's whiteboard.


Being made to feel at home by the management and the team contributes to a positive initial impression of the business, which is critical to increasing recruit retention.


Headphones that block out noise

If you have the money, buying a good set of noise-canceling headphones for your new hires will help them focus at work. Background noise, chatting employees, and obnoxious neighbors are all muted.


Headphones must be comfortable enough to use all day and instantly rechargeable to listen to music without disturbing their coworkers. You should also seek something with minimum sound leaking, which makes them one of the top care packages for employees.


A plate of cookies or other treats

When hunger strikes in the middle of the workday, cookies and snack packs are a fantastic source of nutrition.


Spend money on nutritious and high-quality snacks like fruit, nuts, vegetables, trail mix, granola bars, and beef jerky to focus on the well-being of your employees. Refreshments like coffee, tea, or juices should be included because they are common among office workers.


While assembling your welcome presents, try to order your cookies or snack boxes from nearby companies to support the neighborhood.


Before you provide cookies and snack boxes as your welcome presents for new employees, it might make sense to inquire about allergies and dietary limitations.

Power bank

Traveling and working can be challenging enough without always being concerned that your laptop, tablet, or phone is about to fail.


Additionally, as mobile and desk-less workers increasingly rely on portable devices and smartphone apps, running out of battery life can cause problems for workers. The demands placed on the battery grow as gadget power grows.


It is essential for employees to have a reliable backup power bank because for devices with a respectable capacity, ideally 10,000 mAh or more. It is widely considered one of the best care packages for employees.



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