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Career Counselling In Lucknow

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It's up to you whether you choose counselling or regret.

Hey! Do you live in Lucknow and tucked among career options? 

It does not suit you to be disappointed like this, because you live in the city of Nawabs, whose tagline is Smile, you are in Lucknow, learn something from the tagline, let's wipe out all your frustration and smile at your success with Kalpavriksha Academy.

Kalpavriksha Academy is here to guide you all Nawabs for your bright future. Instead of guidance, we are here to be your partner in your success. We believe choosing the right career is about identifying a purpose that makes you happy and satisfied, not just getting a job and boredom.

Now, take a deep breath, you are at the right place and in safe hands. Your city is not just a beautiful city, it also has hidden lots of career opportunities in itself, you just have to be passionate and on the right path to grab those opportunities. We aim to fuel your growth at the right time in the right way and provide you with the necessary tools to differentiate you from the crowd. 

Kalpavriksha Academy helps you to know your hidden talents, strengths and passion. Our team used to get in touch with you directly to resolve all your queries. 

Why is Career Counselling crucial for you?

Through career counselling, you will be able to know your potential, weaknesses, strengths, interests etc. Don’t get confused, in very simple language you will be able to understand yourself deeply, in which field you can do your best and can be in the top of 1% in your field.

Through counselling with Kalpavriksha, you can prevent yourself from regret.

In this competitive era, Kalpavriksha will help you in backing up and in making wise career decisions which will help you to succeed and prosper by overcoming all of your confusion and help you realise your strengths, opportunities, and scopes in your sector.


Career Counselling Academy in  Lucknow 

Kalpavriksha Academy now is here in your city with the main aim of providing you solutions for all your queries, you have the right opportunity to check yourself, what exactly you are, where you exactly are standing and what you have to achieve in your life and to realise your full potential by taking help with the best education counselling academy in Delhi.

Kalpavriksha Academy helps you through:

  • Personalised counselling sessions with our experts to assist you in identifying your interests, goals, and academic background
  • Expert advice on aptitude, motivations and skills with a specifically designed assessment strategy.
  • Strategy of career planning, step by step.
  • Choosing a career, subject, stream, courses, and college.
  • Customise admission offers according to your interests, strengths, and goals.
  • Address areas of shortcomings/flaws, promote passions and recognise potential.

Start your Journey with Our Innovative Programmes

  • School Students (class 10-12): Stream and career selection program to help you in deciding your stream and career as per your interests.
  • College graduates and Students: Career Guidance and development program to help you in deciding the sector to work in according to your potential and interest.

Top Rated Education Counsellors Near You

We are not just education consultants. We hold your hand to take you to the top of success; here, your dreams become reality, and we help you explore yourself deeper to break the packed box of your success. We have the best education consultants, specialists from reputable institutions, and psychologists with 10+ years of experience in the sector. 

Over 15,000 students from India’s best schools trust us and feel in safe hands, like:

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