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Caring For Your Watch: A Guide For Indian Men – Sylvi

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For the watch lover men, their precious watch collection is their Holy Grail.

In the world of horology, there is simply no doubt that the watches for men are the most popular and most commonly used as they are available at different price ranges. But have you given a thought that all of these watches need to be taken care of properly or else they won’t last a long time? 

If you are clueless about my question, then do not worry my friend, I am here to help you with the best watch care guide that will keep your watch in a great performance in the long run. It is very important to take care of our precious watches and not to break them. 

Just like a marriage is strong and long-lasting if it works both ways same goes for luxury watches for men, you need to take care of them and should not misuse them in order to make them last a long time. 

Sylvi watches are extremely renowned in India for their stunning and unique designs, remarkable performances but most importantly long-lasting. Now to make them long-lasting, it is also your responsibility to take care of them and avoid anything that would damage the watch. 

Important Watch Care Tips

If you are reading this blog, then you are at the right place to enlighten yourself with some valuable watch care tips that will help you take care of precious watches. It is almost like treating your most precious crown with the sovereignty and respect it deserves. All I would say is that do not be a fidget spinner and make sure your pride and confidence are restored with a long-term partnership with your watches by following the below tips. 

The Process to Store the Watch

It is always a nice feeling when you go out in the world flaunting your new watch on your wrist. If it is a Quartz watch, the more you wear it often, the better the battery goes. And in the case of mechanical watches, the cogs keep on whirring in sync with your physical movements and activities. 

However, it is always not possible to wear watches around our wrists round the clock. And that’s where the storage of watches is so vital. I wouldn’t be wrong if I would be saying that watches do have lives too. It's like when you put them off your wrist, they still work and do not go dormant. It's like life outside of human sight and hence, storage is of paramount importance for the watches to perform well. 

It doesn’t matter, if you buy watches online or from the store, every good quality watch from a reliable brand like Sylvi comes with an airtight box. It is always advised to store your wristwatch in the box away from humidity and sunlight. Please remember that extreme humidity and sunlight damage your wristwatch, hence it is better to keep watches away from it. 

Clean your Watch

When you wear a watch on a regular basis, dirt, grime, and dust usually accumulate on the surface of the watch. this results in the dull and dingy look of the watch. There is a different level of calm and peace when you keep your watches clean and running round the year. Therefore, it is advised to clean your watch on a regular basis post usage and if not daily then weekly at least to keep it up and running. 

It is better to wipe it with a clean muslin cloth that is dry to wipe the face of the watch. you can also use a wet tissue or a soft cloth and mild soap to clean the band of the watch. however, keep one thing in mind very clearly, in no condition, use should use harsh chemicals or any kind of abrasive substances to clean your watch. Or else it could have adverse effects on your wristwatch. You can also accompany a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean on areas that are hard to reach. 

Watch should be kept Dry

Nowadays the majority of branded watches for men are water resistant if not always waterproof. But that does not signify that you should unnecessarily expose your watch to water. Moisture is very harmful for the internal mechanism of the wristwatches therefore it is essential to keep the wristwatches away from moisture and keep it in a dry environment as much as possible. 

If in any condition, your watch gets wet, it is immediately advised to get it dry thoroughly as much as possible. This is the reason water resistant watches are advised to wipe off immediately after being exposed to rainfall so that the moisture droplets don’t penetrate inside the wristwatch and damage the mechanism. Furthermore, you should always avoid your watch getting exposed to extreme weather conditions like freezing cold or harsh sunlight that would permanently hamper the health of your watch. 

Regular Servicing of Your Watch

Like DSLR or mirrorless cameras, wristwatches also require servicing annually to keep it running smoothly and displaying accurate timing. But always remember, servicing should be done by professionals only and should not be done by any Lehman. If not every year, it should be serviced at least every two years in order to function properly. 

Generally, the processes involved in watch servicing are cleaning, lubrication, and necessary adjustments of the internal workings and circuits. By regular servicing of the watch, if there is any issue that can also be resolved during the servicing process. Therefore, it is always better to get your watch serviced from brand-authorized service centers so that you know that your precious watches are in genuine hands to make the watch durable and long-lasting. 

Careful while Changing Batteries

Quartz watches run with a battery that needs to be changed every two to three years. So whenever the battery of your watch dies, you need to change the batteries. However, you need to be utterly careful while changing the batteries to make sure the right configuration of batteries is used. For this, the instructions from the manufacturer should always be followed. 

You should always strictly avoid touching the internal workings and circuits of the watch with bare hands as that will leave traces of oils and dirt inside the delicate components of the watch. This is the reason watch batteries should always be changed with the help of a professional from a brand-authorized service center. 

Handle the Crown Delicately

The crown of the watch is a very important component of the wristwatch and it is mandatory to handle the crown very delicately. It is a small knob that is usually at the side of the watch. it is generally used to set the time and date of the watch. you need to concentrate properly and be very careful while pulling the crown out or even pushing it in. make sure no excessive force is applied as that would damage the entire quartz mechanism of the wristwatch. 

Magnetic Fields should be Avoided

Magnetic fields are not good for your watch and it is always advised to avoid magnetic fields as it would damage the mechanism of the wristwatches. Magnetic fields result in inaccurate time display of the wristwatch or in certain situations they stop working altogether. Therefore, to avoid this, watches should be kept away from magnetic fields such as speakers, phones, electronic devices, and other magnetic substances. 

Handle Your Watch Gently

And last but not least rather the most important, your precious wristwatches should always be handled carefully and very gently. Watches should be avoided from falling as I have seen in many conditions watches start to malfunction after they fall to the ground. So you should not drop your watch or knock it against hard surfaces. Especially if you are using a ceramic watch. 

Love and treat your precious wristwatches like the most prized possession to be your reliable lifelong partner!!!


  Can I dip my watch underwater or use it during swimming?

Yes, you can do that provided it is a completely waterproof watch. if your wristwatch is a water resistant one, then you cannot dip it in deep water or wear it during swimming and other water activities. Maximum it can sustain mild splashes of water but it is advised to wipe it off immediately. 

  What is the fastest process to clean your watch?

The fastest process to clean our wristwatches is to wipe them with a clean muslin cloth after every usage before putting them inside the watch box. This process will ensure there are no traces of dirt and sweat over and underneath the wristwatch and it will always be up and running. 

  How often the watches should be cleaned and the batteries to be changed?

It is always better to clean your watch at least a week if not regularly. Apart from this, a yearly servicing of the wristwatch is absolutely perfect for its smooth running and accurate display of time. Apart from this, the battery of the watches needs to be changed every two or three years, but make sure they are the proper ones. 


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